Hey, guys… you’re not HOME!

Barry and I stopped at the busy bar of a local restaurant this afternoon for a beer.  Just a beer.  No appetizers.  No meal.  No nothing.  Just a beer.

We never do this.  Well, we drink beer with other things.  Like food.  But we never stop somewhere to just have a beer.  We had lots of delectable leftovers in our refrigerator at home, but after watching Jane compete in a 70.3 mile Triathlon and putting Audrey on the Acela as she headed out to NYC’s Fashion Week… we wanted to relax with a beer.

The beer came with more than we expected.  Like guys screaming at the multiple television screens.  As if these guys were in their own homes.  Standing up.  Cursing.  Waving angry arms and fingers.  Oblivious to every other restaurant patron.  Seriously weird.

One guy in particular was ALL BY HIMSELF doing  all of the above.  Screaming at referees… or more correct, screaming at the flat screens where this guy must have thought there are two-way sound systems and those refs could hear HIM.  And those refs would reverse calls that didn’t please HIM.  Self-control was not the discipline of the day.

No-one seemed to mind the standing and cursing and angry gestures at the little moving figures on those television screens.  But I thought, Hey, guys… you’re not HOME! This was a restaurant filled with strangers, and those strangers just might want to have a beer.  A cold beer.  Without all the stuff that people usually reserve for HOME.

Barry and I left after our beer. We weren’t upset or angry or anything like that… just surprised at the lack of control that some sports fan have for their teams and their games. Barry and I love sports and we love watching sports on television.  We’ve even been known to get a little rowdy with our language and gestures.  At HOME.

FYI, guys.  The players and the refs CANNOT HEAR YOU from that bar stool.  But maybe they can hear you from HOME.  Just a thought…

Hey, guys… you’re not HOME! was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. …or movies.

    I just read an article reflecting whether people today are ruder then they used to be.

    …and you hit it exactly right why—people act always as if they were still AT HOME.

    The me me me/I’ve got mine, the heck with you mentality is widespread.

  2. The last sentence made me laugh. I agree with all of this. I remember once when we first started dating, Shane took me to Buffalo Wild Wings on a game day, and it was AWFUL. I love chicken wings so much, but we could hardly talk for all the shouting from the other people in the restaurant.

  3. That’s what I love about you Sharon, you can capture your reader’s attention so quickly and make any story or life’s happenings so interesting. I agree, those guys had no consideration for other people trying to sit in peace and quiet with a beer. I might have just gotten up and poured my beer over their heads, but that would be a waste of good money. I guess you can think it…You did the right thing by finishing your beer and leaving without incident.

Hey, guys… you’re not HOME! was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto