Get UGG boots at 80% off!

I feel like I’m one of the starters at a track or swimming event about to say, “On your mark. Get set. GO!”

But seriously. Get yourselves ready to GO GO GO — shopping.

UGG shoes/boots/slippers have to be one of the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn. I’m serious when I say EVER. I have 2 pairs of UGG boots that I wear all winter – Classic Tall and Classic Short — both in SAND. I wear them everywhere. ULTRA cozy and comfortable, your feet literally sink into them and just never want to come out — it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I just got a fashion tip from my friend Arianne about this HUGE UGG sale on Tuesday, September 8th at We’re talking 80% off UGG shoes/boots/slippers for Men, Women and Kids.

So I’m giving you a heads up a few days in advance to get your credit cards ready!

If you’re an UGG lover, this is the sale for you. If you’ve never owned a pair of UGG’s and want to try some out, this is the sale for you. And if you just need a new pair to join your old ones, this is the sale for YOU!

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  1. I’ve always hated the way UGG’s look. They look sloppy and oversized. BUT… I will be 9 months pregnant in February, and I know that my current options in footwear will not fit my huge swollen feet and ankles. I’m very tempted, but still not so sure on the style. Do people actually like them for the way they look, or just because they are comfy? That is my completely honest question for the day 🙂

  2. Thanks for passing this info along! This is very exciting. Do you know when the sale starts? Like midnight or 8am….?

  3. Just wondering what time this sale starts. I’m guessing they are going to go quick! I’ve never owned a pair of Uggs before due to them being so expensive. I’m really excited about this sale because now I can get my first pair! Thanks for sharing this info!!!

  4. The sale is going on NOW!! It still shows only 30% off but when you add them to your cart it shows the 80% off price! I just ordered two pairs of boots so get those credit cards out ladies!!

Get UGG boots at 80% off! was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland