Frigidaire's Gallery Dishwasher – Saving me time and ENERGY.

Let me set the scene.

January 2006 thru July 2009.

Breakfast. Lunch. And dinner. Dishes in the sink.

Sponge in hand. Water blasting. Washing every dish to make sure every morsel of food was off plates, cups, bowls, silverware, pots and pans, trays, serving dishes and bottles.

Then into the dishwasher. Unload. Repeat every single day.

Yup, I practically washed every single dish before they hit the dishwasher. It didn’t matter if my dishwasher was fully loaded or not, it would never get the muck and dirt and yuckiness off the dishes unless everything was off before it went in. Since I went 6 years in NYC without a dishwasher, I just sort of grit and bared it. I knew – in the back of my mind – I was still able to load a dishwasher and allow “that” to do the bulk of the cleaning. I essentially was a “quick” rinse. Right?

Present day?

Life has changed in the dish washing department immensely!

Frigidaire’s Gallery Dishwasher is a breath of fresh air. What goes in, comes out spotless. Of course I need to get major chunks of food off the plates… but I don’t have to scrub syrup and ketchup and cleaning out the coffee mugs before everything goes in. For a mom of 4 who works from home and tries to get quick cleaning in here and there throughout the day, this is ESSENTIAL. I know it’s going to mean clean my dishes, there’s never a second thought about that – what goes in, comes out perfect.

Not to mention, I pretty much always have a full dishwasher… these growing boys eat a lot. I need to be able to get a load done in one full swoop, not in 2 or 3 loads. So the size of my dishwasher is a huge bonus for me, too. I must wash about 15 sippy cups a day, they seem to play hide and go seek throughout the day at my house. When the boys go to bed at night, I miraculously find them all… under cushions, under the couch, in the toy bin, in the diaper bin (that’s all done by Henry) and under the kitchen table.

Another feature I love is that I can actually select a cycle that best fits my cleaning needs. In the words of my Nana, “Well, la-te-dah!” Joking aside, I love this feature because unlike my other dishwasher that didn’t allow me to have any options, not every single cycle requires the same cleaning functions. So this really helps me be able to save time and energy – 2 things I love.

I remember when we first got the appliances I read that my time would be saved from using these appliances. I have to be honest, I scratched my head. How much time will new appliances really save me? Well, they got me. They are. And they do. Time is something you can’t get back, so all of it I’m able to save and spend with my family and do work… and yet still make my life easier… I’m LOVING this! Thank you.

Frigidaire's Gallery Dishwasher – Saving me time and ENERGY. was last modified: September 20th, 2009 by Audrey McClelland
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Frigidaire's Gallery Dishwasher – Saving me time and ENERGY. was last modified: September 20th, 2009 by Audrey McClelland