Fashion "IT" SONG.

I went back and forth on this piece of advice… then decided to just go with it, simply because it’s FUN.

Do you have a FASHION “IT” SONG?

You know, that song… that particular song… when you play, just makes you feel good. We used to dance and sing and parade around to these types of songs in middle school and high school (ok, even in college). Just that song that makes you get up and DANCE. You feel good. You feel alive. You are just grooving.

I remember in high school – one of my “it” songs was Shoop by Salt N Pepa. I used to live for that song… it just made me feel that good. I used to get ready to that song every single morning before school.

So it made me smile the other day as I was BLARING Miley Cyrus’s new song – Party In The USA – that even though I’m a mother of 4 boys… and I’m a good amount of years out of school, I still have those FASHION “IT” SONGS. The ones that make me feel good and make me want to look good.

Time has gone by. I’m not heading off to school anymore. I’m not blasting my radio in my Jeep. I’m not looking for clothes at Contempo Casual anymore (do they even still exist?). And I no longer care about looking good for anyone but my husband (and sons!). BUT… I still love a good FASHION “IT” SONG to get ready to every morning.

Miley Cyrus… you may be half (ok, a little more) my age… but you’re totally my FASHION “IT” SONG right now. Thank you for amping me up and making me want to look that extra good. (And for moving these hips — I wish I look as good as you in cowboy boots!)

After all… there’s a “PARTY IN THE USA.”

Fashion "IT" SONG. was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only mom blasting that song on the radio! I love it enough I think I’m going to buy her CD; such a fun song!

  2. My song has always been “the promise” by – When In Rome! Whenever I listen to it, I feel all happy inside.

  3. I’m always blasting Miley!!! And I feel super lucky to have a nine year old daughter so I always have a built in excuse to go to her concerts 🙂

Fashion "IT" SONG. was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland