A Mystic Aquarium adventure and a tale of 4-inch wedge sandals

Yesterday, Barry and I took our granddaughter, Taylor, on a little birthday outing.  It didn’t seem to matter to Taylor that her 8th birthday happened in JANUARY… and the promised outing came in SEPTEMBER.

Ah… time. It has a way of checking off minutes and days and weeks and months.

But back to Taylor’s special day.  She requested the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, and Barry and I were willing participants on a day devoted especially to our beautiful Taylor.  As it turned out, September is a perfect time to stroll both indoors and outdoors on this most wonderful adventure.  We began at our house, where Taylor asked if we could look at Nana-Flo’s jewelry.  Taylor loves to look at all the pieces that I keep in a special drawer… earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces that Nana-Flo wore and kept neatly stored in boxes and see-through jewelry storage carriers.  Taylor was particularly enthralled with a pair of clip-on dangling crystal earrings.  Of course I put them on her ears and of course I said “YES” to her request to wear them.  Taylor also picked out two stands of Nana-Flo’s pearls for me to wear.  What could be more wonderful?

And we also wore matching red sparkly bracelets.  I had given her one of these a couple of years ago, and I just happened to have an identical one at home.

The day was perfect.  Our adventure was perfect.  The Mystic Aquarium and all it has to offer was perfect.  Our jewelry was perfect.

But what wasn’t perfect were Taylor’s shoes.  She had on a pair of adorable penny loafers that didn’t seem to like the warm September day on a pair of sockless feet.  As the day wore on, the shoes became obstinate and grouchy, threatening to develop blisters.  Barry, Taylor and I headed to the gift shop to see if we could buy a pair of flip-flops.  No such luck.  She certainly couldn’t go barefooted.  No way.  Then I remembered that I had left a pair of shoes in our car from my trip to New York City with Jane earlier in the week.  But these were New York City shoes.  Donna Karan 4″ wedge sandals.  Long jeans kind-of shoes that peek out seductively from just below the hem.


For our day at Mystic, I had on a pair of very comfortable Crocs flip-flops, the kind that massage your feet as you walk.  Heavenly.  They looked good with my long cargo shorts… like touristy, comfy good.

Light bulb moment.

Taylor could wear my flip-flops, albeit a bit too big for her.  I could switch into my Donna Karan designer wedge sandals.  Would we look like a little odd couple of ladies in the too-big flip-flops and designer 4″ wedge sandals with cargo shorts.  Yes.  Did I care?  No.  Did Taylor care?  No.  Did her feet care?  Yes.

And so the day went.

Each moment of our special day with our beautiful Taylor (by the way, Taylor told me that I use the word “beautiful” a lot!) was magnificent.  She is so bright and so funny and so adventurous and so friendly and so caring.  Her smile dazzles us… just as bright as Nana-Flo’s crystal earrings in the sunlight.  And I would have gone barefooted myself just to spend this wonderful time with our wonderful girl!

I can’t wait for Taylor’s 9th Birthday Special Day.  Barry and I might just try for January next time!

A Mystic Aquarium adventure and a tale of 4-inch wedge sandals was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. That was a BEAUTIFUL story. I know the feeling of treasuring every moment with a precious grandchild (even though we’ve only got one). There’s nothing better in all the world.
    Thank you God for sending grandchildren to parents who still have much to give a child even if it’s on a part-tim basis.
    Both you and Barry are awesome grandparents.
    Every child should be as lucky.
    God Bless you both.

  2. All day today Taylor has been saying to me…”Oh and Mom, we did this and that…” she had a BLAST!!! She told me about the “most beautiful clip on earrings that grandma let me wear” and about the “mean lady at the at the crab exhibit”. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will let her ready this when she comes upstairs!

  3. Sharon, you and Bary make EVERY MOMENT special. Your outlook on life blesses every one who knows you.

    “Mean lady at the crab exhibit” Nik? How appropriate!

    A belated Happy Birthday to you Taylor. I bet it was worth the wait.

  4. You’re such a good Grandmother! The sacrifices we make for our kids (and grandkids.)
    Now, I have to sacrifice some of my ‘down time’ because my kids want to go to the bike trail.

  5. I hope your grandkids know how lucky they are to have such fun loving grandparents. You seem to make every day special and some exceptionally special. You are the best!

  6. I love Mystic! What fun! Those pictures are wonderful – they really capture the joy of the day. And good thinking with the shoe swap – it sounds like it worked out for the best!

A Mystic Aquarium adventure and a tale of 4-inch wedge sandals was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto