Parent’s Choice — You’ve saved me $359.92

There have been so many blogs lately about breastfeeding. Even at my local pool club, it seems every mother with an infant breastfeeds. I have to admit, I’m envious. With 4 sons, I have never been able to breastfeed. I tried with William, he didn’t take. I tried with Alexander, he didn’t take. When it came to Benjamin and Henry… with 2 little toddlers and then 3 little toddlers, bottle feeding was the only way for us to go. It just made sense for us at the time. I didn’t even attempt to breastfeed.

When I tell people that I formula fed all 4 boys… within the last 5 years, usually the response is, “OMG. How expensive!”

And yes, it wasn’t free. As a matter of fact, my husband and I did the happy dance right after July 4th of this year when we successfully had switched Henry from formula to whole milk. 5 years of buying formula… and now just gallons of milk. It definitely makes things easier financially for us.

Our 3 oldest sons all used Enfamil LIPIL… from beginning to end. It worked well for us, all the boys took to it, but it was expensive. It was. We were spending $25-30/week on formula. Throughout those 3 years, I had my mother-in-law asking me (all the time!) why I wouldn’t use store brands, like Parent’s Choice. I remember the night she called and said, “So I went to Target… picked up a can of Enfamil and a can of Parent’s Choice — it’s the SAME thing.” If you knew my mother-in-law, you’d 100% hear her voice in this statement. And well, she was right. It was.

So… it took me 4 boys… and 6 months into using Enfamil with my youngest son to finally “get it,” but I did. I got it. We needed to save some money, and I knew that the formula was a big expense for us each week, so I tried Parent’s Choice. I bought one can and made the decision that if Henry didn’t take to it right away, I wouldn’t keep going with it. Well, he took to it. Like a bee to honey. And like that — my weekly formula expense went from $25 a week to $12. Just like that.

And yes… I’ll admit it. I was one of those mothers who thought there couldn’t be anything better than Enfamil. I surely didn’t expect or think a store brand had exactly the same ingredients in it… and well, I was wrong. They do.

I officially made the switch with Henry from Enfamil LIPIL to Parent’s Choice Milk Based DHA & ARA right after New Year’s Eve.

So if you’re a formula feeding mother, and looking for ways to cut down on some of the formula expense (believe me, I’ve been there – 4 times), try store brands at retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Kroger, CVS, Babies R’ Us, and Walgreens.

And if you need some “expert advice” — Consumer Reports recommends buying store-brand formulas because they are nutritionally comparable to Enfamil® LIPIL® and other name-brand formulas like Similac and Good Start:

“We found that the store brand of formula at a local Wal-Mart (Parent’s Choice) cost 50 percent less per ounce than a leading national brand (Enfamil). According to the FDA, all formula marketed in the United States must meet the same nutrient specifications, which are set at levels to fulfill the needs of infants.”

Have some fun with this the baby formula savings calculator

This could have been my savings per year (oh, man):

Pretty amazing, huh?

I’ve saved $359.92. At this point in my life, that’s about 190 gallons of milk. In my former life, that was 2 pairs of Paige Denim Jeans. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I have never known anyone personally who used it (all of my friends are formula snobs) so I always shied away from it, but this makes me SO happy to hear. I will definitely try a can the next time we’re out.

  2. Yup,It is the same stuff. It is TIGHTLY regulated. Those are expensive little black diaper bags “gift Bags” that they give you in the hospital because they get you do believe it is the best.So as long as you get it from a big retailer go for it.Best regards, NICU nurse of 25 years

  3. As a childcare provider, I am required to supply formula for the infants in my care. We can choose the brand. I offer Parent’s Choice and 90% of the parents accept it. I could never afford to provide the name-brand stuff.

  4. Great posing Audrey! I am glad you experienced what I’ve experienced with my twins: store brand baby formula can save you up to 50 percent versus the expensive brands like Similac and Enfamil. Those brands charge you for the marketing expense whereas Parent’s Choice, Target, Walgreens, CVS and other store brands charge you for the pure nutrition. I ran the numbers and calculated more than $1,300 in savings versus both Similac and Enfamil!

  5. Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for this information! A friend recommended this switch to us a few months back and forwarded the savings calculator. We are right there in the neighborhood of $60 per month with our 4-month-old. He has taken to it perfectly and I even confirmed the switch with my pediatrician who said, as you have here, that the products are the same nutritionally because they have to be FDA approved. Consider me sold!

  6. Audrey!!!
    I loved Parent’s Choice when my girls were babies! The formula calculator wasn’t around when I could’ve used it, but now it just solidifies the fact that Store Brands are HUGE money savers! With my girls, I had to formula feed, and after several months of finding the right formula, at a price we could afford, we switched to Parent’s Choice. We were going thru a can every couple of days… I know we saved a bunch of money…
    For anyone that’s interested, you can also get free samples from Parent’s Choice at their website!

  7. Breast milk is the gold standard, however, many women are unable to breast feed for the duration especially if they are on medication, have multiple births or must return to work during these difficult economic times. To save money, there is one solution — store brand infant formula. I am very encouraged that more moms realize that store brand infant formula is equivalent to name brands. The FDA requires that all formula be created equally with respect to the nutrients contained. As an Associate Clinical Professor of Nutrition at Weill Cornell College o f Medicine in New York City I have educated new moms about this information for many years. These infant formulas contain DHA the important omega-3 fatty fatty acid necessary for cognitive development and visual acuity. The money saved may help support healthy food choices as your child adds solids to his or her diet. Enjoy! Dr. Barbara Levine

  8. New savings from Parent’s Choice….

    Just saw on Mommy Brain Reports today that Parent’s Choice is now offering two 15.5 oz cans of its formula (both milk based and gentle formula) for only $10. The regular price, I think, is somewhere around $12 for 25 oz. cans. Another way to save that I thought might interest you. Check it out at

    Great timing too…government WIC program changes went into effect today to promote more breastfeeding. Great idea, except that it takes cuts subsidies for those moms that have no choice but to formula feed.

Parent’s Choice — You’ve saved me $359.92 was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland