NFL hits Maternity Fashions

Let me preface this post with this statement — my husband is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

When I was pregnant with our oldest son, William, my husband ran out and bought me (us) a Steelers jersey. Black mesh with gold numbers. Classic Steelers jersey.

He wanted me to wear it all the time — even though football season wasn’t quite upon us yet. (William was a September baby.) I think my husband was hoping that the more I wore it, the more the football gene would rub off on our soon-to-be born baby boy. I knew he was SO EXCITED about having a son… so I entertained him and wore the jersey (just in our apartment, though.  After all… I am from New England!). The problem was – the jersey was big and boxy. I already felt HUGE, the jersey made me feel even bigger, and well… imagine that dilemma throughout 3 more pregnancies with 3 more boys.  With the same Steelers jersey being worn throughout. I couldn’t understand why NOBODY had ever made maternity football jerseys. There were NFL onesies and tees and baby and kid gear. Did everyone just skip the pregnant part?

Well, apparently, someone was thinking. With football season almost upon us again (there’s a countdown in my house), Motherhood Maternity has come out with an NFL Maternity tee collection. Every team is represented. Talk about every man’s dream.  I mean, every woman’s dream, as the tees are snug fit, scoop neck, short sleeve and 100% cotton. NO boxiness. NO feeling extra big. They are the CUTEST things in the world.  So if you’re pregnant and you/your man is into football — you will score a touchdown with this tee.

NOW you’re ready for SOME FOOTBALL… !

NFL hits Maternity Fashions was last modified: August 5th, 2009 by Audrey McClelland
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NFL hits Maternity Fashions was last modified: August 5th, 2009 by Audrey McClelland