Fashion Advice for Bigger Busts… (oh, I dare to dream)

While at BlogHer, I met the oh-so-funny Carson Kressley at Saturday evening’s NIKON party. I have always loved Carson’s personality and passion for fashion. His “on-air” persona is someone that I just adore, and I was so happy to see that same man in person, for real.

NIKON allowed some bloggers to do interviews with Carson throughout the evening. I was so excited to be one of the bloggers who got to sit with him and pick his brain about fashion and beauty and the latest trends. Believe me, this man knows his stuff. He didn’t miss a beat. There were 5 of us sitting around drilling questions at him and his answers kept us laughing and truly wanting more!

One of my girlfriends there waved her hands in front of her breasts and asked Carson his best advice for slenderizing/minimizing the bust region.

Carson laughed and asked, “Do you know how many women want what you have!?” (Um. Yes. I do.) 😉

His advice was different from what I thought he was going to say. I thought he was going to recommend colors or certain fabrics that can give the illusion of a slimmer look. But he didn’t.

He answered, “Find a good bra that brings your bust out front and keeps ‘them’ in place.”  My friend smiled and asked if he was serious. He was.

Carson explained that so often women with a bigger bust region aren’t wearing good bras. The bras aren’t giving them a good enough hold. He said you need to really find that perfect bra to keep them right in front, in place and held. He advised that it’s not so much about trying to minimize them, but really about getting that secure hold. The bust region appears bigger when its just “hanging out.” Honestly, it makes a lot of sense. Hold them securely in place. I have the complete opposite problem, so I know the difficulty in finding a comfortable bra that gives the illusion of “something.” Not to mention, most women don’t know their true bra size… regardless of how big or small their breasts actually are.

Carson… thanks for the tip!

Funny. Witty. Adorable. Fashionable. And engaging. That’s what I felt for Carson. Just love him!

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  1. I completely agree with Carson. I have a bigger -er, huge – bust. I’ve always been embarrassed of them. What I wouldn’t give to not be so “blessed”.

    Audrey, I thought it might help to provide a few places that actually offer bras in larger sizes than the US standard DD. Here are a few of my favorite online bra shops. Sadly, it is still nearly impossible to find a larger bra in stores in the US, but these are great resources.

    Bravissimo –
    By far the best. Offering not just pretty bra sets but also clothes and swimsuits fitted for larger busts.
    These two have some larger bra and swimsuit options. I often find something I like at Bravissimo and then check to see if I can get it from either of these and avoid overseas shipping.

    Plus, I recommend getting a fitting at a small lingerie boutique and not VS. They always told me I was a 36DD when in reality I’m closer to a 32GG.

    Hope this helps some of your more ample readers.


  2. So true– I have a friend who told me she finally got fitted for a bra and it looks like she paid thousands for a boob lift!
    Glad you had fun at BlogHer : )

  3. I see you wearing those cute tanks with the shelf bra and I’m jealous. I could NEVER get away with that. I guess very few women are perfectly happy, and at that “perfect” size to have something, and yet not be too big to wear cute tops.

  4. I was looking for Carson the whole time I was at Blogher and i missed him! So sad! You were lucky! 🙂

  5. Great post 🙂 I totally agree that a good bra makes everything look better. I may not look big, but having a smaller ribcage makes a difference too. Like sweetbaboo said, most VS and other places will give you the wrong size. I was always a 34D or DD. I have come to learn that I’m really a 30F!

    And my favorite place to shop for bras, because they have awesome prices and free shipping:

  6. We’re jealous of you too with spaghetti straps! 🙂 I am in a 38DDD right now and still on the search for the right bra to put them up and out…

Fashion Advice for Bigger Busts… (oh, I dare to dream) was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland