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You’ve got me. You’ve totally, totally got me.

My ears aren’t pierced. I can’t even believe I’m admitting this. Here I am, an accessories LOVER, and I don’t even have my ears pierced.

(*Let me state a small disclaimer here — I had did have my ears pierced when I was in 4th grade. But I jumped when the piercing gun went into my left ear and the hole went straight down, and I never was able to actually wear an earring correctly in that ear. I guess you could say that I “jumped the gun”! So essentially, my ears were pierced over 20 years ago.)

I’m asked all the time about accessories. What’s hot. What’s not. And what are some staple pieces to own. In the 8 months since I have started my 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms, not once have I mentioned earrings — well, until today.

Earrings can be such an essential piece when it comes to accessorizing. I love to give the example of casually tossing your hair back in a ponytail or popping on a baseball hat to head out and adding pearl earrings. Your laid-back look instantly has a look of elegance. Simply by adding some earrings.

Fall 2009 is all about jewelry. There are some really HOT trends out there right now. What I love about earrings and necklaces and bracelets is that you really can change the whole look of an outfit by adding some fun and beautiful pieces of jewelry. There’s nothing like wearing a monochromatic outfit and mixing it up a bit with fantastic jewelry.

So what are some must-haves in the earring department for Fall?

Chandeliers are in… and in full force. You won’t just be seeing gold and silver. There are tons of beautiful color arrangements. Definitely add some Chandeliers into your jewelry collection.

Gemstones, glass stone and crystals. Go big and go bold. Add some beautiful, magnificent, unique and eye-catching colors to your collection. Wear a gorgeous pair of earrings with a basic tee under a blazer with dark denim jeans. Talk about a fabulous fashion DO!

Hoops. Hoops. And more hoops! Hoop earrings are such a staple earring to have. You can wear these with anything, and the best part is… they come in so many different styles – thick, thin, gold, silver, textured, beaded and embellished. I love a good pair of hoops with a ponytail so you can really see the beauty of them.

And, of course… you need some staple pieces. Diamonds and pearls. There is nothing more classic, more elegant and more essential. Diamond studs and pearls go with everything and anything. Plain and simple.

So… after writing this fashion post, I feel like I should get myself over to our local mall and get my ears pierced. You would think after having 4 babies I wouldn’t be frightened of a little old earring stud gun… but I am. Perhaps… if I go, I’ll vlog it. You’ll see the fear in my eyes. But in all seriousness, getting my ears pierced has been on that list of things to-do for YEARS. Possibly this is the kick in the butt I need, to see what I was missing in the world of earrings.

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  1. Too funny!! My sister is the exact same way – I thought she’d have her ears pierced just for the simple fact that she LOVES jewelry!! But she waited until she was 32!! I sent you a link via Twitter. You should totally do it!!!

Fashion Advice – Accessorize with Earrings was last modified: August 28th, 2009 by Audrey McClelland