Anonymous.  An interesting word.  An even more interesting concept.

There is someone out there, some one or some group of some ones, who is donating very large sums of money to colleges and universities.  Millions. The donations are primarily aimed at scholarships for women and minorities… and are primarily gifted to public colleges and universities.  All of these colleges/universities are led by women presidents.

The donor remains completely anonymous.

I like this anonymous person.  I like the concept of anonymous giving.  This type of giving is so selfless and, well… spiritual.  I think it is faith-driven, as in both faith in one’s God and faith in humanity.  Faith that this money will bring significance to our world through the choices of people who receive it.

And this brings me to a question.  Actually, 3 questions:

1. If I had millions to donate, to whom or what would I give it?

2. If you had millions to donate, to whom or what would you give it?

3. Would both you and I donate anonymously?

I think I know the answer to mine.  Well, I know that I would donate anonymously.  But my answer is too long to write right now (I will answer my own question in my next post)… so I would love to hear your answer.

Think about it.

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  1. I would secretly pay off my friend Grace’s student loans and then start scholarships in her name at her alma mater. I love the idea of giving money to educational institutions. I think that is one place where you can be assured your money is going to make a difference both short term and long term.

  2. I love the concept of anonymous giving, it somehow makes it feel more special. If I had millions to donate, it would all be anonymously and it would go to places (educational and other)that have had positive influences on both my husband and I throughout our lives … so that others would be able to experience the same wonderful things that we were able to, regardless of their financial situation. I would also make a donation to a favorite charity that was started by a dearly loved, recently departed family member to support cancer research and also to provide screenings in RI to underserved women.

    Sharon, your post has inspired me, though I do not have millions to donate, to make someone’s day just a little brighter … thanks for that!

  3. I would want to be anonymous. I would feel like someone would feel obligated to somehow give me the glory for money I know wasn’t mine in the first place. Let me explain.

    If I had millions to give away it would be because God blessed me. Blessing Him would be to give some of it away. If I wasn’t anonymous I would receive the glory and not Him.

    As far as what or who I would give the money -there are so many ways to bless people and organizations I would pray about it. I know the top of my list would be cancer research. It’s close to my heart and a real part of my life and I want to see a cure for the many forms there is no cure for.

  4. 1. La Salle Academy-where I work and from which my husband and sons graduated. It would be earmarked for scholarships for the poor and also for those in the middle of the middle class who truly need the help but always see to be left out.

    2. Bishop Connolly H.S. in industrial Fall River, where my husband works.

    3. San Miguel School in Providence, which is saving young inner city boys.

    4. Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Lots and lots of money would go here. Helping people at the most basic level. No one should be hungry.

    5. St. Mary’s Home for Children in North Providence, which helps abused children.

    6. ASPCA

    7. Set up our children in trusts for life.

    If I had more millions, I’d spread it around the world to institutions who are addressing issues of poverty and ignorance and to various local arts institutions. I know it sounds cliche, but I would not use it to change my life. I’m happy the way it is.

    Anonymous. I have to be honest. I’m not sure. Depends on the recipient, I think.

    A lovely exercise, Sharon. Maybe for some of us it will come true…..

  5. I would definitely give anonymously. I don’t like being the center of attention and there is something to be said for being humble. I would much rather that the recipients be thanking God instead of me. As far as who I would give to…
    1. Some form of cancer research. I’ve been touched by cancer too many times to not give to them.
    2. Definitely the school where I work.
    3. College funds for my grandchildren.
    4. The Red Cross. The helped out so much in our little town since the tornado.
    That’s all I can think of now. I’m sure I could come up with more if I had the time to sit and think about it.
    p.s. Your comments today on my blog cracked me up. Yes, I think it means you need to join us. I also found out last night that I should receive your surprise over the weekend. If that happens, I’ll have it in the mail to you on Monday. I sure hope you like it. I’m very excited about it.

  6. I would donate to animal causes. I do not appreciate recognition, it feels squiggly in my mind and body, so I’d probably go for that anonymous thing. I wish more charities let you checkmark that anonymous box on the forms they waste money sending to everyone.

  7. If I had a million dollars to donate, I would donate a good portion of the money to Bowdoin College. Without getting into a lot of detail, I just have an immense appreciation and respect for that institution and what it stands for. I would request that the donation be used to assist a student who has a financial need and not necessarily to be used as a scholarship. I also would donate another substantial amount of money to The Boys and Girls Club of America. I spent a great deal of time at both the East Providence Boys Club and the Fox Point Boys Club in Providence, RI as a kid and have been to both facilities recently. I can see that they are both in need of funds for capital improvements.
    I also realize that you don’t necessarily need to donate a million dollars to make a difference, so I will make a donation this week to the above mentioned institutions. It won’t be a million dollars but my anonymous donation will make a little dent. Thanks Sharon (Honey) for this valuable post.

  8. To clarify earlier remarks: I donate anonymously often (not millions!) but in the schools where we work and have history, I think it would be an encouragement for classmates/family/friends to join in donating when recognizing donors.

  9. I would start a small private high school for teens who learn differently and have them utilize their talent. It would be in an older home so that repairs and maintance would be done by students with the direction by a mentor who had the specific skills. Landscaping, carpentry, cooking, etc… The students art/work would be displayed throughout the school and community.Volunteer involvement would be required. Older students would have to big brother/sister to new students.
    Definitely annonymous!
    PS Sounds like many teachers live their career and certainly value it!

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