Post Pregnancy Wear – Bottoms

Here is my follow-up to the post I wrote last week on Post Pregnancy Tops… today we’re talking BOTTOMS!

Let me introduce you to your new “post-pregnant-pant” best friend – the YOGA PANT.

I wore maternity pants and jeans forever after having my sons. My goodness, I wore a pair out last week! But… (and this is big) one thing I have discussed and found out from talking to women, not many want to wear maternity pants AFTER they are pregnant.

But YOGA PANTS… oh, my. Heaven in fabric.

The reason I’m such a BIG fan of yoga pants for post pregnant wear is because they are so comfortable on your waist. Not to mention, you can find yoga pants that are cropped, long, wide leg, dressy, casual and some with roll-over waists. It’s easy wear… which isn’t just for YOGA!

BlogHer attendees listen up! Yoga pants are fabulous to do for the day… such easy travel wear, too.

I bought 4 pairs of yoga pants after I had Benjamin (April 2004) that I wore all the time. The thing is… some people just see yoga pants with sneakers and flip flops… you can’t! Expand way beyond that… try them with ballet flats, wedges, heels or espadrilles. Really, your feet don’t ever have to touch the gym in them!

The most IMPORTANT thing after having a baby is feel comfortable… but what adds that extra UMPH! is to feel beautiful, too. It doesn’t have to take a couture gown to feel that way, so have some fun with some yoga pants. Pair then with a trendy top or chic necklace. Own the look, and love it.

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  1. I’d love to see photos of ways that yoga pants can be improved from the tennis shoes or flip flops level. I definitely need ideas. I agree that yoga pants are definitely the easiest and most comfortable for moms, but I tend to just throw them on with flops and a tank. Not exactly couture.


  2. Oh Fabulous-I love Yoga pants, but never would have thought to pair them with something dressy! Thanks! Also, had to share today that I finally got rid of all the nursing bras and got fitted for some real pretty ones-and apparently I have been wearing the wrong size forever. What a difference getting fitted made! That, and Bill watched the kids while I went shopping-whoo hoo!

  3. Oh, and I have to add that I am super sad I won’t get to meet up with you at BlogHer this year; maybe next year! I’m excited to see pictures and hear how it was though, have fun!!

  4. I need to see pictures – I can’t wrap my mind around how yoga pants can look good with heels??

    I agree that they’re comfy in those early weeks while the mom is healing and losing that pregnancy weight – but beyond that I can only see them working for the gym or at best a playdate at the park with a cute top. Unless you are stick thin – I just don’t think that yoga pants are a good ‘fashion’ look for anyone – sorry 🙁

Post Pregnancy Wear – Bottoms was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland