Post Pregnancy Fashions

There’s a baby boom going on!

I know at least a dozen women who have had a baby within the last couple of weeks or are due in the next couple of weeks. It’s amazing.

So… I want to dedicate today’s post to some great post-pregnancy wear.

Let’s face it, we all know the baby belly doesn’t go away overnight. I’ll never forget having my first son, William. I ordered an outfit from Victoria’s Secret – this pink plush hoodie and pant set to wear home from the hospital. I was naive enough to actually buy my pre-pregnancy size. Imagine my delight when I literally couldn’t get the pants over my hips – never mind my stomach region.

After William… I got smart.

I gravitated towards certain cuts that “hid” my post pregnant regions – a.k.a – stomach, butt, hips and legs.

Today I’m talking tops. GREAT tops that don’t make you feel pregnant… they make you look beautiful and chic while making you feel comfortable.

There are 3 kinds of tops that I recommend post pregnancy:

Peasant tops

Empire waisted tops

Cross -over tops

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  1. Those are the type of tops that I know wear after having my first baby boy. And it still feels sexy and comfortable too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not only do they look great but those cross-over tops are also very convenient for breastfeeding. I’ve seen quite a few summer dresses with cross-over tops and empire waists that I plan on buying if it warms up once my little guy comes out.

  3. Here’s my question…can I wear these cute tops even if I didn’t just have a baby? I love that peasant top, but I feel like I am trying to hide the fact that I’m pregnant or something. In this case, it’s the “or something”. Is that ok? Since the sugery, 9 days ago, my abdomen is still pretty swollen and uncomfortable. I’ve only left the house once, and I had to wear yoga pants and a peasant top. I thought I looked ok, but I felt like a blimp. NOT a good feeling. Should I not be wearing tops like this?

  4. This is a great post. I have a whole postpartum body series that I do. It’s very important that we get comfortable with our postpartum body so we can be able to buy the right type of clothes for our current shape. That’s what I had to do. Once I accepted my new body and started to shop for it. I started to feel good, look good and did I mention feel good. *Smiles*

  5. I love cross over tops and I always feel a little sexy in them, too! I’ll have to check out the shopping links you had over the pictures; the peasant top is super cute!

  6. i haven’t had a baby yet, but i’ll still sport something like a cross over top if it makes me feel good. if someone wants to ask me if i’m prego, i’ll allow them to bare the blushing cheeks when i respond ‘one day darlin’!’ 🙂

Post Pregnancy Fashions was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland