Considering nudity…

This morning, I read with interest an article in my local newspaper about a nudist resort in Connecticut.  This resort, it seems, features a pool, hot tub, walking trails, a softball field and tennis courts, spots for recreational vehicles/tents.

And, well… nudists.

This is intriguing.  (Except, of course, for the extreme cool temperatures and rain that has reigned, literally, over this summer ’09.)  But back to my intrigue.  According to the article, some 600 – 700 guests enjoy the amenities of this resort, by now, each summer.  Hmmmmm…

I don’t think I know any of these people.  Or, if I do, they haven’t told me of their adventures.  This got me to thinking if I could handle, so to speak, the amenities of a nudist resort.  It gave me a chance to strip to my core and self-evaluate.  Could I, for example, emancipate myself from clothing for just a few days of nekked frolic?  Would this deliverance set me free or freak me out?  Where would I store my extra tennis balls?  Which bat would I use during a good game of softball?  Would the balls be soft?  What about foul balls?  Would I need a walking stick during one of my woodland adventures?  Hmmmmm…

In the pool, at least my breast stroke would be a legitimate breast stroke.  But what about my hair?  Would wearing a swim cap breach rules?  Would it be a bummer if I if I just sat around the pool and read books?  What would happen if I ordered a beer or wine and the waiter brought me a highball?  Would I say, “Oh, I’m sorry, but I’ve never had anything this stiff?”  And how would I handle my tips?

How are meals handled?  Would I ride herd on down to the dining areas?  Or would I chafe a few of my own?

You see, I like to be cooperative.  But I need a bit more information before I can act jointly in a new venture.  Yes, I think this conversion needs more time in which to make a suitable decision.

Whaddaya think?

Considering nudity… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Well, when the Golden Girls went to a nudist colony on accident, I remember that everyone dressed for dinner, because they all worked up the nerve to show up naked for dinner, only to find everyone closed. I love that I just managed to reference the Golden Girls in your post on nudist colonies~

  2. I’m telling you right now, it would totally freak me out. Having people see this old body naked would send them running for the trails. Not to mention that I am not mature enough to not be laughing and giggling like a school girl the whole time especially if I happened to see a “stiff one”! You on the other hand appear to have a great body and seem to be mature. I think you’d be fine. Oh wait, there was the laughing incident you wrote about with your daughter in the restaurant. Maybe you’d be just as bad as me.

  3. You wouldn’t have to worry about the johnnys at the doctor’s office, now would you?

  4. sharon, i stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say hi! not sure if you remember me (cathy and joe’s friend) but wanted to tell you how much i enjoy reading this AND following you and your (beautiful) daughters on twitter! best regards, jayne

  5. You are cracking me up Sharon. I can’t even imagine going around naked in public, (oops, almost typed something else by mistake). How unsanitary to sit in a chair after someone else sat there.

  6. Sharon you are crazy, although as I was reading the article, I have to say that I found myself wondering if I could ever do that, I think not but I try to never say never, because who knows.
    Old age seems to make me more willing to do things that I would have never thought of as a young mother… To busy trying to set a good example. Wether I did or not is questionable, I have always been a little crazy. I am sure Lucy will attest to this.
    Keep on think baby, and let me know you final decision, although I believe I already know it.
    Have a great night.

Considering nudity… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto