You only get so many words…

It’s been rainy and cloudy and misty and drizzly and damp in New England.  I think we’ve even broken records for consecutive rain days and/or low temperatures.

But anyway.

Everything is green and lush and brilliant and alive.

Which brings me to my point, here.  We’re only given a certain amount of words to use in our lifetimes.  These words are gifts.  They are priceless gifts.  Why waste even one syllable of these words on complaints about the weather?  Weather is one thing we cannot change… but must we let it change us?

I do understand that weather conditions may impact an outdoor activity.  Or even getting to an indoor activity.  I understand that varying weather patterns control modes of transportation.  I know that weather controls kids’ summer activities and lessons.  I woke up this morning and peeked out my bedroom window only to discover that the rain will probably cancel my grandkids’ swimming lessons… much anticipated lessons.

But getting back to words.  Take the 2 or 10 or 100 words that you would use today to reference the weather and say something kind or funny or loving or happy to someone.  Anyone.  Your child.  A waitress.  A cashier.  Your mom or dad.  Your spouse.  A friend.  A passerby.

The best part is that these words will impact your recipient more than all the weather in the world, combined.  You only get so many words to use… so use them well.  Your words are your gifts to the world.

You only get so many words… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Great advice, Sharon. I’m *on a mission* not to let the rain bring me down. This includes getting drenched in a cold, wet, sandy game of beach volleyball during last Thursday nights downpour! We had a blast. And hosting two “cook-ins” over the weekend. Better than cancelling the cookout, no?

    Life is too short to complain about something we have absolutely no control over. I’m amazed at how people are affected by the lack of sun. It is like a drug, and they need a “sun fix” to change their outlook.

    Today, I will use your advice to practice using words to counter the bemoaning New Englanders all around. Maybe a “fun fix” will do us all some good!

    “Can you believe this rain?”
    “Yeah! It’s so much better than locusts….”

  2. Mom… You have a way with words and in seeing things. I need to keep learning from YOU!!

  3. Tony and I just returned from our wet weekend in the Berkshires. No, I’m not complaining. We spent a lovely few days at an inn in West Stockbridge that one of Tony’s classmates and his wife purchased just last year. It was beautiful. They gave us the honeymoon suite,and yes, after nearly 33 years, we are still honeymooning.

    And we got to see my brother Ray and his wife Susan’s new home in Pittsfield. And we dined. And we shopped. Bookstores, antique shops. cheesemongers and charcuteries, and non-kitchy gift shops…..

    Would we have preferred sunshine? Of course. Did we let the four days of rain ruin our mini-vacation? Of course not.
    Now I’ll have to go one step further, per your advice, and replace any negative words regarding the weather with some good words to someone else, especially unexpected, especially to someone in need of them.

    Once again, thanks, dear Sharon, for your constant stream of words of wisdom, and happiness, and joy, and positive outlook.

  4. I have to say that you practice what you preach. We sat in the rain for 3 1/2 hours yesterday at Fenway Park and you smiled through every minute of it. It’s uplifting to be in the constant companionship of someone who is upbeat all of the time and quite honestly always looks at the glass as always being half full.

  5. Great lesson Sharon. I have a large window above my office desk here at work and as I look out, there is not 1 cloud in the sky. The sky is blue and so clear. There is no wind blowing. The leaves on the trees are so still. Sure, it is hot and steamy out today and I’m sitting in an air conditioned office, but as soon as I step outside, I am going to embrace the beauty of nature and think of you Sharon and I will guard my words. This post is so true. The choice of words DO have an affect. Thank you!

You only get so many words… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto