To Croc or Not to Croc? Part II

I can finally speak with some authority on Crocs.

I really love my Crocs… I’m telling you, they’ve got a customer in me!

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  1. I can admit it, I am not a fan of the Crocs except for gardening shoes, but I didn’t realize they had other styles. VERY cute and you make everything look good, Audrey!!

  2. I’m really not a fan of Crocs. They don’t look good to me. But I have large feet so I think it would do all the wrong things for me and make me look like a clown. Glad to see there are other shoes avaliable now 🙂

  3. Crocs are the BEST! I have the Olivia you have there in brown, and I have three pair of the Malindi, including one in leopard print that are SO CUTE and a cotton candy pink pair…I have two pairs of wedge heels, the Havana and the Sassari…they are awesome. And you know I am a fashion girl!

  4. I had NO IDEA Crocs made all these different kinds of shoes. I was just on their site from your video. Love it. Thanks for this vlog. I’m going to get myself those Cabana ones. But it a little more color.

  5. Never worn Crocs b/c they really been a big fan. But I like those flip flops, didn’t know they had those. Not into the flats, but the flips are great!

  6. Audrey… I can’t believe I didn’t know about the “other” Crocs! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them. I especially love the Cabana wedge flip flop. I NEED a heel. It’s in my DNA. I found shoe heaven with these Crocs. How many times can I say I LOVE THEM!!

  7. Don’t own any crocs and will never buy any for my kids since they easily get sucked into escalators. Crocs accidents involving children with escalators have been in the news for years. Still are.

    You have a new follower, that’s as soon as I log into Twitter. 🙂

  8. I have given the original crocs the official name of Troll Shoes. Completely ugly. They are the only shoes my mom will wear. The new styles are nice though.

  9. I might actually try that sexy one the wedge and the flats. It looks like a good one to me. I have never been interested in crocs, but I might get one. Thanks Audrey!

  10. Fantastic post, Audrey! BTW, you look stunning (as usual)!!! Thanks for posting this. I was never a fan of the original Crocs. I didn’t know what all the fanfare was when they first came out. I never thought they looked good, but I do admit that when I was pregnant, Hubby bought me a pair because nothing else seemed comfy. I resisted, but I did end up wearing them and they were comfy!! Of course, I didn’t wear them out to public venues much. We live on an island where there are beaches everywhere, so the Crocs were handy for beach time!

    Now that you’ve shown us the “other” Crocs, I think I’ll check them out. I like the Captiva and the Cabana wedge flip flops. Thanks, Audrey!

  11. Hi, Audrey,

    I’ve never much cared for crocs, unless one wears them in the garden, where they belong. But I’m game to try any of these three. I live in flip-flops all year ’round, unless I’m out or at work. I don’t usually like to wear heels of any kind (I’m tall), but the ‘cabana crocs’ look pretty and, most importantly, comfortably. I do dress for comfort.
    Thanks for passing on the info.

    Oh, and your profile photo above is absolutely stunning!

To Croc or Not to Croc? Part II was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland