How to avoid those dreaded PIT STAINS.

It’s June 1st.

You know what that means?

It’s going to get HOT.  Very hot.  And very soon.

I CANNOT wait!  I’m a summer girl.  I love the sun.  I love the beach.  I love warm weather.  I love wearing sundresses and flip flops.  I love this time of year.


There’s one thing I HATE about this time of year.  PIT STAINS.  (OK… I get them.  Shhh…. )

Let’s face it, it happens to the best of us.  I’ve had some women ask me if I know any “inside” secrets on how to prevent or avoid pit stains.  (Eww… just the sound of it!)

I actually have 4 suggestions (thank you MOM for your help on these!):

1.)  Buy yourself dress shields that you can attach to the underarm of your shirts.  Dress shields actually absorb the sweat before it hits your shirt.  They also reduce odor.

2.)  Use an antiperspirant!!

3.)  SHAVE your pits. If you don’t… please don’t tell me! 😉

4.)  You can always wear an undershirt underneath your blouses and tees.  This extra layer will absorb wetness, too.

5.)  If all else fails, wear dark clothing on top.

Don’t let the hot weather prevent you from wearing your favorite tanks and tees and blouses because you’re afraid of getting pit stains.  For me, the dress shields have worked amazingly!

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  1. I stop the problem before it starts. If I’m shopping for clothes I will TOTALLY put my tongue on the shirt to see if it will stain from moisture.

    So if you shop where I shop, I probably licked your shirt. Gross, but totally effective. LOL

  2. I have to say that the secret and dove clinical strength deodorants work very well. they are expensive, so I only wear them when I know I am going to be really hot, and in clothes that would show it. worth the money 100%

  3. I guess I am just a big sweat machine. I have been using the clinical stuff for a while (it was perfect during my pregnancy), but once the hot weather kicks in I sweat like crazy.

    For me, light layers work well. Those little tanks from Old Navy are my HERO!

    I’ll try the shields…but what do you do when you are wearing sleeveless?

  4. This post is for me. Like Amy I am a big sweat machine too in the summer. I shave, I wear men’s deodorant, I use the clinical stuff. Sometimes I wonder who are they really using to test this stuff cause it is not working for me.

  5. What I do is let my pits be free pit stains whatever if i don’t think about it i don’t sweat or if i start to sweat i will just think of a cool place and it helps or i wear deoderent duh!!!!! lol so think of remembering to put d on and don’t think about omg i have pit stains think you don’t and you won’t i think of sex to that helps and gets rid of pit stains cause sex rocks!!!

  6. Same problem here. When im around alot of people i SWEAT! and i maen like CRAZY! and then i think about people seeing my pit stains and start to sweat more! i hate i so i always wear hoodies or leave my arms free.

How to avoid those dreaded PIT STAINS. was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland