Hermes Birkin Bag… I love you.

I’m a handbag girl. Well, handbag mom.

It’s my “thing.” Before I left my job at Donna Karan in NYC 5 years ago, I was living a dream… I got to work on the DKNY Shoes and Accessories line. It was heaven for me. To be in a sea of handbags and shoes every single day… oh, my… never a dull moment!

Well… I have come to love particular handbags. Louis Vuitton and Hermes are two of my favorite handbag designers.

Louis Vuitton’s Noe Bag… which I actually received as a gift for my 29th birthday (thank you Mom and Dad… I had been “saving up” forever…!).

And Hermes legendary Birkin Bag. I remember once reading in the NY Post that there was actually a waitlist to get a Birkin Bag. Immediately I was intrigued.

So… this past Monday and Tuesday, I was in NYC speaking at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference. Monday night there was a cocktail party for the “Cast of Characters” speaking. Being there and seeing some of the “who’s who” in the social media world… Chris Brogan, Kelly Olexa, iJustine, Brian Solis, Sarah Evans… and well, I spotted a Birkin Bag, right next to me.

Yes, NEXT TO ME. A real, authentic Hermes Birkin Bag. I asked the owner (somewhat of) a strange question…

May I take a photo with your bag?”

Fortunately, she laughed and is just as much of a bag lover as me (you have to be to own a Birkin).

This will be the closest I get to toting a Birkin for some time… but it was worth the photo!

Today I have been scouring the internet for some more affordable Birkin Bags (esques…). I came across this fabulous site – – and found 2 very good looking (ish) Birkin Bags for $57.00. So moms out there, if you’re like me… and think the Birkin Bag is a fabulous bag – but can’t do the “real” deal right now… enjoy the next best thing.

Not bad…

It will do for now. 🙂 (Right, honey?)

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  1. Oh yes! I have a faux spectator bag from Bauhaus. (At that point I gave up on designer bags after a massive milk cup explosion in my Orla Kiely.) I was actually really impressed with the quality!


  2. AND I have to tell you I LOVE the photo you did for your profile picture…that reminds me I need to update mine since it is from LAST July 4th! Yikes!

  3. MMMM Yummy! Let’s make it a goal for us to get matching Hermes Birkin Bags this year. We will!
    😉 It was fabulous meeting you sweetie, you are even more gorgeous in person!! XOXO


Hermes Birkin Bag… I love you. was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland