Happy Birthday, Henry!

My little nephew Henry, who has grown from this tiny little thing, in his Auntie Janie’s arms…

into a happy, joyous bundle of love…

turns one year old today.

It seems like just yesterday I was tweeting about and excitedly announcing his arrival.

But yesterday I was actually at the 140 Characters Conference in NYC with Audrey, where the organizer Jeff Pulver described Twitter (and really, this can be extended to blogs, too) as “postcards to the future” – what you write in those 140 characters is your legacy. Imagine your children, your nieces and nephews, gaining insight into what you were thinking at a moment in time 5, 10, 15 years prior.

My little Henna Wenna, Happy 1st Birthday. Consider this one of my postcards to you in the future… I love you so very much, and have loved you since the moment I knew you were growing inside of your Mommy. I don’t have any human kids of my own, so I can’t speak to the level of love that a mother feels toward a child, but know that this Auntie of yours loves you so deeply that it is hard to describe in mere words. You are a little miracle who I am lucky to love.

Auntie Janie

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  1. OMG… those are the cutest photos! And your nephew loves you back just as much! You’re the best!!

  2. He’s adorable! I love the idea of postcards to the future. I’m sure this is one Henry will look back on and treasure. 🙂

  3. Ooooooh! I cannot believe he’s one already!! I remember when Audrey announced that she was expecting. I remember when we (in the blog world) received news from you that he had arrived! I even remember when Audrey was pregnant with baby #3! Gah! It’s been so nice to be able to be part of everyone’s journeys via the blog. I can even remember when you were just launching Pinks and Blues. I remember when you had your Mama Doggy Love blog! Seems like so long ago…and so much has happened since!

  4. you don’t have any human kids of your own,but i believe your feelings.by the way,your nephew is so nice,beautiful and pretty.

Happy Birthday, Henry! was last modified: July 26th, 2017 by Jane Couto Govednik