The Hanes Plain White Tee – 6 ways to wear one

I love a good Hanes white tee. LOVE IT!

There’s nothing like having a soft, cozy tee to wear.

But… what I love most about my Hanes white tee(s) is their versatility…

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  1. Hmmm… I actually love your ideas, Audrey. And if some fashionable ideas involve a Hanes tee (in 6 fabulous ways), all the better! I know I can head to practically any store and pick up a Hanes tee or two. Or two for tee. Haha. I will disclose that I am your mother… and if that makes or Suan even more upset, then so be it! I would think that anyone who uses the word “shill” would assume a real identity so you could address their concerns. But that’s just me. Keep on bringing us your enthusiasm, Audrey!

  2. Cute ideas, just a little much between Hanes AND the Healthy Choice…..the blog was better before it was so promotional

  3. Just tone it down a bit. A blog should be organic not an informercial. It’s just so obvious that you are somehow being paid to do this. Sure it could be a name brand t-shirt but it could also be from goodwill or another brand. Don’t name drop so much. Watch your repetitive gestures (like the leg slapping). Reshoot, if necessary. Shoot come close-up, wide shots, mediums and edit it together to be cohesive. The close-up could incorporate the label and you don’t need to say the brand again. Just be creative, natural, and real!

  4. I came across your blog just a week or so ago and I love it, I keep coming back for more. Love the video, and I love Hanes.

  5. Audrey I watch all your videos and love them, rarely comment because i’m usually short on time but wanted to pipe in here to say you are so lucky to have such an expert in “joan” to tell you just how to do your videos. (eye roll) for what its worth i think you do an amazing job and i love the enthusiasm you bring to all that you do. i have learned alot from your 365 days of fashion, keep em coming!

  6. Audrey – I have to say, I agree 100% with the ladies who just commented! You are amazing on camera. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – you will be on TV.
    – Catherine

  7. Great video, Aud!! Thanks so much for helping us all figure out how to look great with a plain white tee. šŸ™‚

    Off to pick me up some Hanes white tees! šŸ™‚

    P.S. You are (and always have been) FAB in front of that cam! mwah!!

  8. Audrey, I have to admit when I saw the title of the post I was like “6 ways to wear a T? … what is she going to do, roll up the sleeves and then…. what else?!”

    But I like a few of these ideas and will *definitely* be using them in the future! Especially cutting the neck, and that little finger-twist thing.

    The others don’t quite fit my style, but I’m sure they’ll fit someone else’s, heh!

  9. Audrey you are so creative, and this is a great tip. Do you know if Hanes makes a cute of tee just for women? It seems like shorter and more fitted sleeve would help with some of those looks, HOWEVER – I have to say I’m so impressed. I was honestly skeptical but you make all of those styles look really good, and I would wear any of them. Like I always say, there are very few people I trust with my style, but I would let you dress me anytime.

    As for your friends above, I noticed their comments, and I hate to engage them, because clearly that is what they want, but I just want to tell you that I have never felt you were anything but completely transparent and authentic in your videos or anywhere else on this site or even in person. Don’t listen to the haters. There is a reason they have nothing better to do than sit around and leave negative comments. You are fabulous, and I hope you keep up what you do. Those who don’t like it, don’t have to visit. šŸ™‚ I’ll still be here!

  10. WOW- you know I love your videos, I think I’ve told you a few dozen times! LOL I don’t always comment here, so I find it funny that I came to leave a comment today to find some odd comments. – no body is making them come watch are they?

    I PERSONALLY, LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your videos Audrey – whether you’re pushing a brand or watching your kids do handstands! LOL your tips are still great, and your cute as a bug in a rug! LOL

    Keep the 365 days of fashion advice coming-just the way you are!


  11. Hi Audrey. First time commenting here and I do enjoy your blog.

    Like some of the others, I guess I’m just curious about the type of compensation you get for these enorsements. I’m not doubting your love for the products, but perhaps I just don’t understand how it works. Do you become an employee, paid spokesperson etc? For example, if i was hearing this from a Healthy Choice staffer I’d take it with a grain of salt. (Salt..not healthy, is it?)

    This wasn’t meant to be rude, but rather to gain a better understanding. You look fabulous on camera!

  12. I will say it again… critical blog post comments cloaked in anonymity are difficult to answer. In my experience, most questions are asked and addressed directly though email, where both writer and commenter can bring issues, ideas, suggestions and/or answers to the table with honesty, validity and integrity. I will say that if I received 3+ comments on one of my blogs, all coincidentally concerned with “sponsorship” and “promotional” issues at practically the same moment… and all from people who have never commented previously, I would have a few questions for the commenters. For example, do you represent a brand competitor? Why do you not want me to know you, especially if you feel a question is valid enough to ask? Do you know me and find it difficult to pass along constructive criticism to me? Do you possibly know each other?

    I also would like to say, quite honestly, that I would be happy to open a dialog about endorsements, sponsorships and promotions. This is an on-going topic in this constantly changing world of social media, and the more input, the better. But I will also say that I would no more answer anonymous comment questions on my blog than I would answer a phone survey about my personal finances. It serves no purpose.

    I would encourage Joan, Suan and Lora to email Audrey directly with any concerns or questions, or email Jane or me. Better understandings always do come from better communication, and we are happy to communicate. In that regard, thank you for visiting our website.


  13. I enjoy your website, great positive ideas. Not loving this white T post though. It looks like a man’s T-shirt. I like more fitted T-shirts, cut a bit lower on the neck, much more flattering.

The Hanes Plain White Tee – 6 ways to wear one was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland