One pedal at a time…

Not to be confused with petal… I am talking bicycling, not gardening.

I did it. This morning, I mailed my entry form to Time Out Productions for the July 19th Falmouth Sprint Triathlon on Cape Cod. This is where the word pedal comes in.

Completing a Sprint Triathlon is on my New Year’s Resolution List 2009. Here it is, coming up on the half-year mark, and I’ve finally put my rear-end in gear. The Falmouth Sprint Triathlon involves a 1/3 mile swim in Nantucket Sound (Atlantic Ocean), a 9-mile bike ride along the famous Falmouth Road Race course and then a 3.1-mile run along Surf Drive, finishing at Wood’s Hole.

It is the mailing of the form that makes it real… the butt-kick, so to speak.

So today I begin kicking in my bicycling skills. This means that I have to dig my old 10-speed out of my shed, dust it off, inflate its tires, squirt a little WD-40 here and there, find my bicycle helmet and GO. And by GO, I mean try to ride steady for at least 45 minutes.

We’ll see.

I have printed out an 8-week training program for sprint triathlons (swimming, cycling, running), and each time I think about that entry form somewhere in the magic we call mail, my stomach jumps a little with both excitement and fear.

But I honestly think that when all the training, and the race, is over, I’m sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod!

For now, it’s one pedal at a time.

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  1. Sharon, you are in great physical shape and will do fine. I know for sure that you’ll train properly so that when the time comes you’ll have no trouble.

    Good luck!

  2. You my friend are a totally amazing woman!! The only part of this that I could do is the biking. Train well and you will do a fantastic job. I have no doubts. Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. You are an inspiration to ALL women and I need you here by my side to crack the whip. I know you will make it. Happy training and Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  4. I’ll be there for whatever you need. I know that you can do it!

  5. You are amazing! I can’t wait to follow along on this journey with you. I’ve always thought about how a triathalon would be a great accomplishment, but truthfully, I am such a slow swimmer that I wouldn’t try it. Now if I could find a triathatlon that involved biking, running, and competitive chocolate eating, I’d be all for it!

  6. How wonderful! The triathlon sounds great, and your motivation is inspiring! You guys are soon to be the most steadfast (and healthiest!) family in New England. 🙂

One pedal at a time… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto