Jake – A Very Special Day

Jake graduated from pre-K today… and as I watched this little-guy-who-is-now-suddenly-overnight-a-BIG-guy celebrate this wonderful event, I couldn’t help but think of how he has gloriously enriched the lives of his Grandpa and me and our entire family.

This is the story of Jacob Adam Couto.

Jake arrived in this world a bit earlier than expected, while Barry and I were in Washington, D.C. at the wedding of a dear friend.  We actually attended this wedding knowing full-well that we needn’t worry about the impending birth of a grandchild.  Jake was due in late July and Audrey’s William was due in late September.

It was June 19th.

But Jake had different plans.  Fast plans.

As Barry and I and Audrey (Audrey and Matt were attending this wedding, too), were enjoying a beautiful lunch at a delightful D.C. cafe, Adam called.  He said that Aimee wasn’t feeling too well and that she was calling their obstetrician.  “Not to worry” was pretty much the answer, and everyone went about their day.  Day turned into evening, evening turned into later evening, and we got another call.  It was Adam.  Aimee was in labor.

Oh, boy!  Well, we didn’t know that yet because the baby’s gender was unknown.  (Adam and Aimee are also the parents of Maddie, who is now 8… and Dylan, who will turn 1 this July.) Adam called with regular updates and we updated the people around us at the wedding.

The night turned into June 20th.

Barry, Audrey, Matt and I knew that we would be leaving at the very crack of dawn on this perfect June day – Fathers’ Day 2004 – to see the *arrival of our 4th grandchild.

But Jake had faster plans.  At a little past 3:00am, Adam called with the joyous news, “IT’S A BOY!”  And from that moment on, this BOY has enriched our lives.  Jake came FAST.  And Jake is still FAST.  Fast-thinking.  Fast-talking.  Fast-moving.  He is a bundle of enthusiasm.  Curiosity.  Fun.  FAST.  Jake can take one moment and make it 1000 moments.  He has the spirit to enjoy life and to multiply it for everyone around him.

Jake has taken each of us on his journey to today, his graduation from pre-K.  Here he is, almost 5 years old, taking on the world with a smile and a mission and a pace to quicken anyone’s!

Get ready, world!

Congratulations to our beautiful Jake on this most special day!  We love you so very, very much!

(*We did head out from D.C. to Rhode Island early that Sunday morning with our greatest wish to see Jake on the day of his birth.  This journey was an adventure in itself.  We got stuck in traffic on Rt. 95 in Maryland for 4 hours, then detoured through every town in Delaware.  Our normally 8-hour trip turned into a 12-hour trip.  But we did make it home in time to see our Jake on the very day he was born.)

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  1. What a beautiful story. We are so blessed to have our wonderful grandkids in our life. I just wish that we could slow down time and make the stages last longer. Congratulations little graduate!

  2. I love how the way he came into this world mirrors the way he’s spend the last five years! He’s a cutie, Sharon.

  3. Congrats Jake! What a special story of a special boys birth day. He looks adorable in his cap and gown! We are all Blessed Sharon to have our wonderful grand-children, who enrich our lives in a special way.

  4. How sweet! What an exciting day his graduation must have been. He just looks adorable in his little cap and gown. Time really does fly!

Jake – A Very Special Day was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto