Hanes at Disney?


Hanes brought together a “crew” of influential lifestyle bloggers – known as the Comfort Crew – to talk social media. It was refreshing to see a brand reach out in such a unique and oh-so-very-cool way to engage and learn and chat with bloggers.

I have always been a Hanes girl. I wore Hanes when I was a child, teenager, young adult and as a full-fledged-mom-wife! Actually, I have to admit… I wore Men’s Hanes Tanks throughout my pregnancies with each of my 4 boys. The fit. The form. The style. And the comfort – HEAVEN. I would layer them up and wear them all the time. And… I can’t believe I’m going to admit this on my blog – but, hey… it’s fashionable (right?)… but when I saw “Carrie Bradshaw” wear Men’s underwear to bed on Sex And The City… I needed to do the same. After all, what’s good enough for “Carrie” is good enough for me!

But in all seriousness, talking to Hanes brand leaders about Hanes? Priceless.

To engage and to be able to brainstorm with them was so much fun! The social media world is a passion of mine, so to see a fomidable brand like Hanes trying to find the perfect “fit” (no pun intended), it’s truly fabulous.

Plus, we got the chance to see and feel and wear different items of Hanes clothing.

Girls Hanes

Men’s Hanes

Women’s Hanes

Women’s Hanes (LOVE the tank and undies!)

Boys and Girls Hanes

Women’s Hanes

I have to admit, there’s nothing better than actually getting to see the product. It was really fun seeing the different lines and the different styles.

For a mom fashionista like me… Hanes is a go-to brand. As a matter of fact, it’s a must-wear essential. I’m even making Hanes one of my 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms.

So why do I love Hanes? (And I’m not being asked to write this!)

I love Hanes because it’s a brand I trust. Plain and simple. There’s something to be said for a brand that has been around for 108 years. 108 years!

I grew up with Hanes. I wear Hanes now. I remember my Papa wearing Hanes tanks when he worked in his garden when I was a little girl. My father has always been a Hanes t-shirt wearing guy. And it goes beyond my childhood now. I put my sons and husband in Hanes. I’m a Hanes mom now. We’re a Hanes family.

And with Hanes… I know the products last. (And even through tons upon tons of washes – with 4 boys, I know this fact very well!)

Hanes… thank you so much for the fabulous week with the “crew.” It was absolutely amazing.

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  1. This sounds great. I followed parts of the trip on Twitter, but all I heard about was the t-shirt store and Disney and was kind of confused why there didn’t seem to be discussion on the product. Glad there was some.
    We buy our share of Hanes (also FTL, depending on sales, honestly).
    I love the socks that say the size on the bottom, but I need the soles of the socks to be about 3X thicker. My boys get holes in their socks before they outgrow them.
    Also, if they can manage to make (or do make) a seamless sock, they need to let me know about it.
    This sounded like a super fun experience for the entire family.

Hanes at Disney? was last modified: March 16th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland