Don’t Eat French Fries for Breakfast

Today, Barry and I had the great pleasure of attending Grandparents’ Day at our granddaughter Taylor’s school. The grandparents were treated to a magnificent concert of violins and singing first, and then we accompanied our granddaughters to their classes, library, computer room, science room, Spanish room, music room, outside reading and reflecting gardens, and everything in-between. Taylor is in 2nd grade, and she happily escorted us, telling us all about each room and each place and what goes on in them.

Our last stop was the cafeteria. Taylor was quick to tell us that we were actually in the cafeteria of the middle and high school girls… and that her cafeteria didn’t have “all the good stuff.”

All that good stuff turned out to be delectable cookies and cakes and french fries… mixed in, of course, with delicious soups and salads and fruits and yogurts and everything one would describe as nutritious.

So… what did Taylor want at 10:30 am? Yep. Chocolate chip cookies and french fries. All three of us kind of looked at each other for that fraction of a moment when either Grandpa or I could have said, “Nah…”

But we didn’t. We’re grandparents. And as Taylor enjoyed her decadent breakfast, she and I talked about writing a story called Don’t Eat French Fries for Breakfast. We even made a list of the things that parents would definitely not approve of…

So, Taylor… this one’s for you! I love you more than you will ever imagine, and I had the very best time with you today at your school. You delight me with your beauty and charm and imagination and humor!


Who invented

The parent list

Of breakfast things

That can’t be missed?

You know the list,

Oh, so well…

With its oatmeal,

And eggs,

And things that excel

In nutrients

And vitamins

From A to Z,

Like bananas, berries

Grains and seeds.

But why didn’t french fries

Make this list?

And what about cookies

With chocolate chips.

Or popcorn and ice cream,

Doritos and pie,

Or a bowlful of cherries

Piled high.

Hey, wait just a minute…

There is a place

For breakfasts of french fries

And cookies

And cakes.

It’s a place that parents

Don’t know exists…

It’s a place without

Breakfast Rules and Lists.

“So where is this magical place?”

You ask,

“Where sticky and goo

Don’t flabbergast?”

It’s any place

Where Grandparents dwell,

Where anything goes

And french fries spell


But remember, Taylor… don’t tell anyone our secret!!

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  1. Go for it Taylor!
    Go for it Grandma!
    Go for it Grandpa!

    Have those yummy French Fries for breakfast.
    Have those tantalizing chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

    (….just don’t do it every day…shhhh).

    What a wonderful day! What delightful pictures!

    I don’t know who looks happiest, Grandma, Grandpa, or could it be TAYLOR?

    [As always, thanks for sharing, Sharon].

  2. If you can’t have French Fries and Cookies for breakfast with your grandparents, who can you have it with? That’s what grammies and grampies are for. Lovely story and photos!

  3. I LOVE this! I may just have to send the link to my mom and have her read it because she would love it, too!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. French fries and cookies sounds like the breakfast of champions to me. I’d try it myself, but I’m sure Jillian Michaels (aka The Shred) would jump out of my tv and slap me silly. Taylor sure is a beauty, just like her grandma!

  5. Sharon-
    What a great story behind such a great day that you had with Taylor! You brought tears to my eyes…that’s what grandparents are for!! It was great to see you, as always!

  6. I love it! I think french fries are ALWAYS good for breakfast. Yesterday, I had cookies and chocolate for breakfast and cake for lunch. It was goooood.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    What a great blog entry! I am so glad that you enjoyed Grandparents’ day at Bay View. Know that we enjoy Tayor; she is all that you described.

    I hope that you will give me permission to read your poem at Grandparents’ Day next year. It is perfect! The grandmother side of me has been known to give my granddaughters a special treat that is not on their mom’s menu. Again, thank
    you so much for sharing your experience at Bay View.

  8. One year, for April Fools’ Day, our two sons, David and Paul, woke up to a breakfast of ice cream sundaes and Coke (I hate soda, this was a stretch). The scratched their heads and stared in wonderment and shock. Their reaction was priceless (and could only be done effectively that one time).

    I’m sure they would relate to Taylor’s breakfast of French Fries and chocolate chip cookies!

  9. I love that poem. 🙂 I had a cup of coffee and a piece of cheese for breakfast at 12:30pm. Then real breakfast was a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions at 5:30pm. 😉

  10. How special! Now, that’s my kind of breakfast. And, Oh, My, does She ever look like YOU! The picture of the two of you is amazing. I would love to visit my grandson’s school and have lunch with them.

  11. I love the idea of Grandparents’ Day! What a great thing for the schools to have. And French fries and cookies seem like the most fitting breakfast for such an event. 🙂

Don’t Eat French Fries for Breakfast was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto