An ode to my Mom

I always knew that I had a special relationship with my mom.

But it took me awhile longer to realize that not every daughter had a mother like mine.

I guess, when I was younger, I thought that all mothers were just like mine.

I thought that all mothers woke their daughters each morning with a loving kiss and a declaration that today would be a great day.

And that when their daughters would say, “Just let me sleep a few more minutes,” all mothers would gently tuck the covers back around their daughters and wish them sweet dreams during those extra minutes of sleep.

I thought that all mothers would stay up late with their daughters as they studied for a big test or finished a big term paper, checking in every once in awhile with snacks, cups of hot tea and encouraging words.

I thought that all mothers had the right words to say, at the right moments, whenever their daughters needed them. That all daughters saw their mothers as the first person to go to whenever they needed to be comforted.

I thought that all mothers and daughters laughed together and genuinely enjoyed each others’ company.

Because that is all I have ever known.

By the time I got to high school, and girls started to “hate” their mothers, it began to hit me that I had something with my mom that not many other people had.

My mom has always just been my best friend, even back in high school.

If I had a fight with a friend, or if I wasn’t invited to something that everyone else was invited to, or if a boy broke my heart, or if I needed to vent about a teacher or a coach, or if a friend put me in an awkward situation… she was always the first person I wanted to go to.

For her advice. For her words of wisdom. For her love.

She never tried to be that “cool mom” who wants to be best friends with her children because she’s trying to act like a teenager.

We never had fights, or didn’t talk to each other. I never told my mom I “hated” her.

My mom just is, and always has been, the first person I go to when I have news to share… good, bad, funny, interesting or otherwise. I genuinely enjoy my mother’s company, and her opinion and her approval mean so much to me.

When I have (human) children of my own someday, I will know I have had the best role model, who has taught me just what a mother should be.

And until then, I will continue trying to emulate the kind of woman she is.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!


Originally published Mother’s Day 2008… still feel the same way! I LOVE YOU, MOM!

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  1. This was a very sweet post. I wish I had that kind of relationship with my mother. My mother is the last person I would go to if I needed help and it’s sad that things are like that between us. But there is no point dwelling on things like that. I just need to get through dinner with her tonight and we’ll move on from there :).

  2. Dear Janie… “The way to handle a woman is to love her, love her, love her.” A favorite line from a favorite song from a favorite musical… and I always thought it applied to even very little girls as well as teenagers and grown-up women. As a daughter, you have always been VERY easy to love, love, love!!
    Love forever, Mom

  3. This post is so beautiful. I remember thinking that the first time I read it too, although now that I have come to know you (and your mom!) better, it’s all the more special. Your relationship reminds me so much of the one I have with my mom, so I can appreciate how great (and rare!) it really is. I hope you and your family had a wonderful time celebrating yesterday!

  4. You do have a fantastic Mom! Ever since I started reading your Mom’s inspiring and beautiful words a couple of years ago, I have known that she is exactly the type of Mom I want to be. I didn’t have the kind of Mom your Mom is but I’ve always known they existed and that’s the kind I hoped to be. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought in a tough parenting situation, “I wonder how Sharon would handle this?” 🙂

  5. Awww, you two! Sharon, it was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday. It is so important for young moms to see great examples of great mother-daughter relationships. I adore my mom, and hope that my Jessie feels the same way about me. Really, really incredible post, Jane! Well done.

An ode to my Mom was last modified: March 15th, 2010 by Jane Couto Govednik