Magical Maddie

How do you blink, and suddenly a magic wand has fantastically sent you 8 years forward?

How does the enchanter we call TIME transform a little baby girl into an enchanting young lady?

Today, our granddaughter Maddie turns 8. Maddie was born at 4:14 am on a beautiful April dawn, a day that was very much like it is today… sunny and warm and welcoming. I remember leaving the hospital that morning as the sun was beginning its ascent into a swirl of pinks and purples. That magnificent first sun of Maddie’s would touch her with the beauty, grace and loveliness that IS Maddie today!

Maddie is a dancer. She floats on air and moves lithely… but do not mistake her elegance with daintiness. Maddie also laces up a pair of sneakers and runs like the wind, climbs like a cat and gets dirty when necessary! Maddie laughs easily and giggles voluminously… and yet her great concentration allows her to draw meticulously and story-tell down to the last detail.

Maddie loves painted toes and fingers, and ribbons winding through her hair. She loves sparkles and colors. She is inquisitive and curious about words and books and the meanings behind things. And Maddie is wonderfully nurturing and helpful with her two younger brothers and five younger boy cousins… and best friends with her “older” 8-year old cousin Talyor.

Maddie’s birthstone is the diamond. I know now that fate certainly played a hand in this because Maddie was due in May… but the universe knew that Maddie would be and dazzling and dancing and delightful, stunning us with her brilliance and her invincible strength… just like a diamond.

Yes, Maddie is magical, just like a diamond with its rainbow of colors. That early morning sun 8 years ago had a marvelous story to tell… the story of our beautiful granddaughter!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy 8th Birthday, Maddie! You light our lives!

Love forever and ever and ever… Grandma

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  1. Happy Birthday, Maddie, from Grandma and Grandpa’s friend.

    How special you are in their lives, and your parents’ and brothers’ and cousins’ lives, too.

  2. What a sweet tribute. Maddie certainly sounds like a wonderful little girl. Even her smile is dazzling. 🙂 I hope it’s a happy day for everyone!

  3. Happy Birthday Maddie. Grandma did a great job describing you and your numerous gifts.
    Your interests, your beauty, your inquisitiveness, your delightfulness and your kindness. Happy Birthday sweetheart…see you at your party!
    Love, Grandpa

  4. Great post, Mom! You have such a way with words… this is beautiful. I can’t wait for Maddie to read it!
    Audrey (aka – Auntie Audrey)

  5. Where do the years go? I used to hear people say that all time when I was a kid and just laughed it off. Now I’m one of those people. I can’t believe 8 years ago Aimee and I were still trying to digest our “healthy” take-out from Lee’s Chinese restaurant in Riverside when shortly before midnight she got “the message” Maddie was ready. I thought it was probably just indigestion…but is was so much more than that! She is everything I could have ever imagined and much more than my imagination was even capable of. Thanks for such a heart warming post.

  6. This is so beautiful. Your Maddie says like my daughter Sophie, who is only 5 yrs old, but also has 2 younger brothers. She, too, loves to dance and paint her toes, and sparkly things, and books!

  7. Happy Birthday Maddie! You are a beautiful 8 year old. What an amazing post Sharon. She IS very lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma. I feel the love!

  8. Grandma,
    It means so much to me to put me on your website. Thanks for saying such nice things about me. I love you so much!

    magical MADDIE

Magical Maddie was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto