I’d like 1/2, please…

It is gloriously, beautifully, splendidly summer-ish here in New England after a rather l-on-n-g winter and an usually cool spring.

I’m talking 80’s and I’m wearing flip-flops.

The only problem is that I don’t have any summer-ish pants that I like. I do have a couple of pairs of jean capris and some cargo pants, but I need some versatile casual-but-can-be dressed-up khakis that will take me from this taste of summer right through summer itself. So off I went today in search of the perfect pants. (I thought to myself, “Audrey will be very proud of me when I show her my awesome finds.”)

At one store, known for its discounted designer items, I tried on 24 pairs of pants. That’s not a typo, and I know I’m not alone in this endeavor. 24. And that number doesn’t even begin to compute the time process in sorting through racks, counting out the maximum 8 items per fitting room visit, staring in horror at my butt in the mirror (that takes a lot of time just to figure out if it’s really mine), re-hanging, turning all of the hangers the same way so I can carry them out, and then saying to the girl who has to put them all back as she stares at the clump of clothing that she does have to put back, “Sorry.”

At another store, ditto. But 7 pairs of pants rather than 24.

Another store… 5. (I was getting much more selective as time ticked on.)

All told, 36 pairs of pants.

Now, this would be sort-of OK if I didn’t have to try on several sizes as well as styles. I know you feel my pain. At the first store, I tried on multiple sizes of the same style. By the third store, I just didn’t have the patience. I actually would rather go nude than try on one more size in one more pant. I basically wear a size 4 or 5, but if a 6 or 7 fits better, I’ll take it. Sometimes even an 8-style fits perfectly, and I’ve even squeezed into a 2 from time to time. But there has to be a better measure, and I think I’ve got it.

1/2’s. Just like shoes. I wear a size 7. 6 1/2 is always too small and 7 1/2 (unless I can’t live without the shoes and am willing to put those pad things in them), is always too big. Give me just 1/2 much more in clothing, without making me go up or down a whole size. Is this asking too much? Just a pinch here. A quarter-inch there.

1/2. Simple!

Hmmmm. Anyway, I did buy one pair of pants. I really like them, and I’m sure Audrey will approve. I just dropped them off to be hemmed. Don’t even get me started on pants LENGTH!

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  1. I’d vote for half sizes! There is nothing I hate worse than trying on pants. Those horrifying flourescent lights, the dirty floors in the dressing rooms and you have to take off your flip flops and stand on top of them so your feet don’t touch the nastiness….you get the picture. Ick. All around, not fun!

  2. God I hate shopping.

    You just reminded me why.

    One good thing about tough economic times, I’m happy to live with the clothes I already have.

    (Sorry, Audrey, I’m most definitely NOT a fashionista).

  3. 1/2 size is a great idea. I hate shopping and always have. It is just so time consuming and not an ego boost, by any means. I’ve been on a big exercise/weight watching kick. Although this is a good thing, it could also be bad. If I lose enough, I’ll have to go shopping.

  4. I hear ya! I went through the same thing recently when trying to get some new stuff to wear on our anniversary cruise. I’m definitely not a fashionista, and go with comfortable and affordable as my “ruler” for clothes shopping. Glad you at least found one thing that you like. I hate when I go on a shopping trip like that, only to come home empty handed. Unfortunately, I need a new bra before this cruise as well, and to me, THAT is the worst kind of shopping to have to do.

  5. I am exhausted at thinking of the number you tried on. 1/2 sizes does make sense. Glad you found a pair and hopefully will get them the length you need.

I’d like 1/2, please… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto