I heard myself say it…

I was watching all 4 of Audrey’s boys at Audrey’s house this morning when I heard myself say something that I cannot believe I said.

Let me set the scene.

William and Alex were running from room to room in a big circle, chasing each other with light sabers. Living room, hallway, dining room, kitchen. Living room, hallway, dining room, kitchen. They were a blur of color and sounds.

Benjamin was behind them, but at a much slower pace. Well, Benjamin is 2 years old and William and Alex are are 4 and 3 respectively. That year or so makes for plenty of color blur, but Benjamin’s laughter probably outdid his brothers together.

Henry is crawling and standing and “furniture walking” all over the place, and he was in giggle-land watching his 3 brothers and all the action.

The “trouble” began when Benjamin decided to go the other way at one point, and he slammed into Alex as he turned the corner from the dining room to the kitchen. It was one of those moments that you see happening immediately before it does, and your voice cannot react quickly enough to shout.

Head butt. Shock. Crying. Bumps. Nothing serious that a couple of packs of peas cured very nicely.

Then… it started all over again. But this time there was a little detour into the hall closet.

Uh-uh. No way. Stop right there.

But they didn’t. Stop, that is. Now, I am not a sucker by any means, and I believe in discipline, even if they are my precious little grandchildren. But they were all so into the moment and the fun that my authority didn’t mean all that much.

I resorted to Plan B. Without a thought. Like I did a couple of times when my own kids were little in similar circumstances. I am ashamed of myself… but it worked.

“Guys… there are spiders in there.” The words rolled off my lips like silk off a spool.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the horror as all 3 of them bolted from under the winter coats. Even Henry was shocked, I think. Soon they were running their circle pattern again, though, but no-one went near the closet. I suppose there could be a spider or two in there…

I guess I must tell Audrey about this. What do you think?!

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  1. Ha!! I can’t say that I haven’t resorted to those same tactics myself. It works, it keeps someone from getting hurt and the fun doesn’t stop because of discipline…what’s the harm? 🙂

  2. Haha! You are so funny Sharon. With some kids that would work the opposite way. They’d go looking for those spiders!

  3. Uummm……do you think Audrey MIGHT be reading your blog? Hah!

    (I thought you were going to say “Because I said so”).

  4. That is brilliant. I would do that to the princess but she would freak out and have nightmares, my nephews though- it’s so on.

  5. Can’t say I haven’t imagined a creepy crawler or two to “persuade” the little ones from going places I don’t want them to. Of course there are spiders in there! P.S. they are also in my bathroom and under my covers…

  6. Oh, you know I have told tons of lies like that. My favorite is “If you touch the gum under the table/seat etc., I will have to take you to the doctor’s to get a shot. Its the law.”

I heard myself say it… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto