Through the eyes of a child…

I’ve been staying with Audrey while her husband is out of town for a couple of days. And not since junior high have I been dissected as thoroughly as I’ve been by Audrey’s 4 little guys.


William (4): Why do you wear pajamas with pumpkins on them when it’s not Halloween?

Alex (3): Why does your hair stand up in the morning?

Benjamin (almost 2): Don’t like them… as I put on a new pair of running shoes…

Henry (9 months): Fixated on my face in utter fright as I rescued him from his crib early this morning… Whaaaaaat?

Then there were the why do you always wear lipstick comments, the why do you look different with your glasses on comments, the why are your arms stretchy comments, the how old are you, anyway comments, the potato chips are not good for you comments… and so many more.

Thank goodness the years and the experience have given me great humor and great wisdom… and most important, thank goodness I’m not in junior high school any more. If I had only known back then that boys are just, well, curious about these girl-things!

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  1. I’m laughing at the comparisons to junior high because my students totally dissect me like this daily. It’s ridiculous! At least you know your little guys do it out of love, but what funny questions to have to answer. I hope you’re enjoying your time with them!

  2. Audrey is so Blessed to have your help and experience. I love the stretchy arms! Pumpkins on the jammies? I have santa’s on mine. Loved reading these on my lunch hour, eating black jelly beans!

  3. Yes, they do like to make comments on our appearances! The best was when one of my preschool students walked in one morning, dropped her bag on the floor and looked at me and said (with hand on hip), “Mrs. Mongold, your hair is nappy. You should have fixed it.” I asked her if I (wrong ethnicity) could get “nappy” hair. She assured me my hair was indeed nappy and I needed a hair brush. LOL
    BTW-I have stretchy arms too. lol

Through the eyes of a child… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto