My iPhone experience at Walmart

Walmart was kind enough to give the 11Moms smartphones. I chose to get myself an iPhone. I have been wanting to get one for a couple of months now, but I was waiting for my BlackBerry contract to finish up.

I have to admit – I seized the day and went right for the iPhone when I had the chance!

Thanks, Walmart!

My iPhone experience at Walmart was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. I couldn’t believe there were so many Walmarts within 25 miles of your home, so I searched my zipcode and there are 10 in my area. Crazy! I didn’t know they had iPhones now. Very cool.

  2. Thanks for including all the info about your phone! I really wasn’t considering an iphone … thought I might do the blackberry pearl … but maybe I’ll have to check out the iphone now. We are mac users too and that map function alone would make the phone worth it!! We’ll see what the hubby says when it comes time to PURCHASE the phone/plan. :o)

  3. Awesome review. It has totally changed my life too especially since I didn’t even have any kind of “data” smart phone! It was like moving from the stone ages!

  4. Oh wow!! I have an ipod touch, would love love love an iphone!! You will love how it changes your life in a VERY positive way!!

  5. That is so cool!! How very fun-my phone is just a phone, but you are making me think I need an iphone…lol!!

    And wanted to let you know I have been so crazy busy with work and thus not in the blog world much. Hubby got a huge pay cut (though thank God he still has a job-he’s in construction) SO I have been working as much as possible writing and editing from home. ANYWAYS-wanted you to know I hadn’t forgotten you; I just haven’t had time to read yet. 🙂 Maybe this week I can hope over and spend some more time catching up on all the great info here. Take care!!!

  6. Great review- I so wish I could have done the iPhone, but I am totally loving the Blackberry 🙂 I’m old school like that 🙂

My iPhone experience at Walmart was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland