Love to infinity and beyond…

I know it’s not Wordless Wednesday yet…

But I just had to post this photo of my 9 grandchildren sitting outside my mother-in-law’s (their great-grandmother’s) favorite restaurant, Jack’s, in Warren, Rhode Island. It was taken this past Sunday evening, the night before Flo’s 90th birthday.

Barry and I first went to Jack’s more than 33 years ago. We brought our grandmothers there. We brought our moms there. We brought kids there when they had to scoot up onto booster seats. We brought babies in car seats, who sometimes cried ’til we felt we needed to leave, but each time the owners and waitresses said, “Stay. This is a family restaurant.”

Jack’s is where Flo loved to go for fried smelts and steamers with lots of buttah and little necks on the half shell and antipasto and Jack’s Special Spaghetti with its clams, shrimp, herbs, spices and secret ingredients that make you smile. Jack’s is the last place that Flo went out to eat before she died. Barry and I took her and her wheelchair to her favorite restaurant and we had everything she loved, including a couple of beers. We had one of the most beautiful dinners of our lives. She would die less than 2 weeks later.

But… ah, the memories. Flo, this photo is for you, with love to infinity and beyond!

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  1. If I’m even in Rhode Island, I am definitely going to Jack’s! It sounds delicious and inviting. I love restaurants that understand that kids can be loud and just don’t care.
    How great that Flo was able to eat there one last time. Though I bet that if you can order out in Heaven, Flo is eating a lot of Jack’s. And I bet in Heaven, calories don’t count!

  2. How beautiful, Sharon! That picture is absolutely perfect, and how wonderful that Jack’s can be a place of shared memories through the generations. Based on your description I can see exactly why Flo loved it, and that sounds like a great way to honor Flo for her birthday. I know she was smiling down on all of you!

    I look forward to catching up on posts now that I’m back. 🙂

  3. Just look at these “9” precious darlings. This picture is a treasure. You are One Blessed Grandma! Jack’s sounds like a wonderful down home place.

  4. What a beautiful picture and a great memory of Flo. I know how you loved her, and meeting there for “her” dinner was perfect.

Love to infinity and beyond… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto