Fashion Don't(ing) it in Texas

Yes. I spied 2 distinct Fashion DON’Ts while in Texas at SXSW.

It all comes down to wearing the “right” jeans.

Fashion DON’T #1:

Yes… that is a tapered jean with sneakers. It’s so Jerry Seinfeld(ish). What should have been done?  Bootcut jeans.  Plain and simple.  A little bit of a flair would have done well here.

Who was the recipient of this horrible Fashion DON’T!? None other than me, myself and I.  Ugh… I know, I know. I had no other jeans and needed to wear something comfortable around the Austin Convention Center.  Not to mention my feet were KILLING me from wearing my heels the entire day before.  I’m sorry Fashion GODS… !

Fashion DON’T #2:

Hmm… yes, those are adorable ballet flats with polka dot socks.  My only advice here!?  Ditch the socks or wear longer jeans.

(And you know who you are… you know I love you and you DID approve me snapping this photo for my blog! I love ya, babe!)

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  1. LOL 🙂

    This wasn’t the worst of the fashion don’ts we saw while we were there… If only we had been quicker with the camera, eh?

  2. “Jerry Seinfeld-ish” = brilliant! I can’t blame you, your poor feet must have really hurt!

  3. So funny!! You KNOW I was desperate if I wore THAT! LOL! Amy Clark from totally called me out… ! xoxo

  4. Snort! The sad thing was that I was like, “Oh, Audrey wore it so it must be good now.” I thought I was behind the times on that one 😉 See how easily you can lead me astray 🙂

    Love you, girlie! xooxxo

  5. Oh, how funny! I hear you! I help my in-laws at their jewelry store every year at Christmas (we NEVER sit down!), and I finally gave in this year and wore sneakers w/ the “wrong” kind of pants (but not tapered leg 🙂 My hubby gave me plenty of heck for it, but I didn’t have any blisters!

  6. I have a quick question – I love the look of ballet flats and jeans, but I am only 5’3″ (on a good day when I’m standing tall!)………are ballet flats a no-no for petite women? thanks

Fashion Don't(ing) it in Texas was last modified: March 16th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland