Do you live in a Happy State?

This morning, on the Today Show, there was a quick segment about Happy States.  This is not the “state of mind or body” kind of state.  This is your HOME state… as in your geographic boundaries.

The top Happy States are listed as Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado and Minnesota.  This got me thinking about “Happy.”  My paternal grandmother was born in Minnesota.  Hibbing, Minnesota to be exact.  She would move from there with her family to Arizona, then Illinois, and on to Michigan.  My dad was born in Chicago, and I was born in Michigan and my first home was my grandmother’s farm in Benton Harbor.

My Grandma Martin died when I was a young teenager, but I remember her so vividly and distinctly from our visits to her farm when I was a child.  I remember her warmth and tenderness.  I remember her all-encompassing smile.  I remember her as “Happy.”  Life on her farm was not easy, but in my memory it was “Happy.”  The gardens were happy… especially her strawberry patches.  The apple orchards were happy.   Her roadside vegetable stand was happy.  Trips to market in my grandfather’s old red truck were happy.  The gravel walkway from her home to her barn was happy.  The kitchen was big and bright and happy.  The creaky stairs were happy. 

My Grandma Martin made me feel happy.  She still brings me happiness.  Could it be because she was born in Minnesota.  Is it possible?  Does a place like Minnesota make people happy and multiply that happy state?

What do you think?  Are you in a Happy State? 


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  1. My little plot of land in Indiana is definitely a happy state. I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be. Almost everything and everyone I love are right here. Yes, I live in a happy state.

  2. I came to Indiana for college and moved permanently afterward though I grew up in IL. It seems so strange, but I love it! The people here are generally much more friendly, not hurried and constantly on-the-go like where I am from. Coming from IL I don’t really consider IN “southern” (although my friends from home call my new twang just that), but there is something about it here that makes a difference that I see and feel every day.

  3. I agree with Bacardi Mama that my little plat of land where I live is a happy place. Whereever your family and friends are, no matter what state it is in can be your happy state. I love your story about Grandma Martin. My grandma’s lived in West Virginia (named the worse state to live in according to a radio station last week) and I can remember taking a road trip every year with the family to go visit them and my other relatives there. As kids we rolled down the red clay hills, waded thru the crystal clear cold stream in the mountains, drank ice cold spring water, slept on a feather bed, ate freshly cooked veggies just picked from the garden. We rocked on the front porch sipping ice tea with lemon. Thanks for helping me stop and remember those good ole’ days in a wonderful state!

  4. How interesting about the top “happy states.” Your grandma’s farm certainly sounds happy! I have a hard time feeling tied to just one place, especially having my family home in another state. But I think, like you, that the happiness you feel in one place (or time) can certainly come from another.

Do you live in a Happy State? was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto