A "MOM" MUST-HAVE – Chunky Bead Necklace

My mother stayed overnight last night to help me with the boys. My husband happens to be away on business, and with the boys all sick – William and Alexander have the stomach flu and Benjamin and Henry have double ear infections – I needed some back-up.

This morning my mother had to run off to a quick appointment with my father. She hadn’t brought anything over to my house to wear except what she had on last night – jeans, a black turtleneck and her staple black boots (that she wears under her jeans). She didn’t have ANY time to get to her house and add anything to her outfit, so she asked if she could borrow something.

I suggested one of my chunky bead necklaces to toss on over the turtleneck. In a matter of seconds, the whole outfit changed. It created a completely different “vibe” to the black turtleneck and jeans. It went from being a pretty basic and classic outfit, to chic and hip. Accessories are and should be a girl’s best friend. The beauty of a big, chunky necklace is simple – it makes a statement. It can be worn with anything. (I love wearing a chunky necklace in the summer with a white tee shirt.)

So my advice today — get yourself a CHUNKY BEAD NECKLACE. You can find them just about anywhere now… and at all different price points, which is fantastic. Or, have a little fun this weekend – head to a bead store and make your very own chunky bead necklace. It’s a great activity to do with your kids and a great way to add your personal style and mark to it.

Here are some examples of some of my favorite chunky bead necklaces —

Elegant. Classic. And sophisticated pieces.

A "MOM" MUST-HAVE – Chunky Bead Necklace was last modified: March 16th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. This is an absolute wardrobe must, not only for the way it transforms an outfit (as you described) but it is also essential for nursing mothers! When picking one for nursing, be sure it is long enough for your nursing baby to reach, and strong (strung on leather or silk string.) Be sure it is made of a safe material that doesn’t come off on the baby’s hands (which will go in his mouth as soon as he’s finished nursing!)

    When my son was nursing I made a pendant with leather & a wooden bead, to keep his free hand busy while nursing (otherwise you know what he’ll do with it!) And I looked very fashionable, too!

A "MOM" MUST-HAVE – Chunky Bead Necklace was last modified: March 16th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland