It’s the little things you remember…

I took my mom out to lunch today. We went to one of her favorite lunch places… Panera. Just the two of us. We sat at a nice cozy table for 2 and talked and talked as we ate our identical Asian Chicken Salads, both with multi-grain bread and dressing on the side. And water… tap.

It is a warm, windy day in New England, the kind of day I love. Tress-messing, pants-billowing, trees dancing kind of a day. It reminded me of the windy days I loved when I was a little kid. I lived in California for a few years… near lots of hills. (It reminds me of where I live now… lots and lots of hills.) I would ride my bike or roller skate down those hills, and the wind often made me feel like I was standing still. I loved it.

It’s my mom who taught me to roller skate. I still remember her strapping my shoes into those metal skates… the ones with the key. (I hear from her sisters that she was quite the roller skater in her day… and quite the catch in her hometown of Boston.) It’s my mom who taught me to ride a two-wheeler. My dad took off the training wheels, but it was my mom who ran along beside me, waiting to catch me if I fell.

And it’s my mom who took me out to a special lunch when we were September school shopping or looking for the perfect Easter dress. I remember one such lunch like it was yesterday. I was finally tall enough to sit at a high counter, on a swiveling stool, and she ordered identical tuna salad sandwiches and potato chips. I felt like the most grown-up girl in the entire world…

I am so very happy to be able to return this love. And these memories. It is a blessing and a gift.

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  1. It’s amazing how life is.. I would have ordered the same thing, too. Hmm… is it in our blood or our taste buds!? xo

  2. Amazing memories you have, Sharon. I will never tire of hearing them because they remind of what’s important in life. You are so blessed to have so many great women in your family!

  3. Your story takes me back to my own memories with my mom. Your post makes me happy to know that I am going to be spending time with my mom tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!

  4. Hi Sharon,

    What a beautiful post! And what great memories you have to share. I feel like I know you, and Audrey and Jane not only from your blogs, but from Chrissy as well.

    Thank you for reminding us that even the little things can mean a lot.

  5. Sharon, I got very nostalgic, not to mention blue, reading this lovely post. My Mom and I, like you and yours, forever talked and talked and talked. Tony, always so quiet, wanted to know how we Ross women never ran out of things to say.

    May you continue to enjoyed the blessing of these precious moments with your Mom.

  6. Me, again.

    Funny, I just reread your blog entry and focused on the weather.

    How different our reactions are to the sound of wind.

    I hate the wind. I despise it. For me, it’s the worst sound in the world and engenders true fear, like impending doom, like Armageddon.

    Who know why? My sons think it must stem from some early [unremembered] tragic event that involved the sound of wind. They may be right.

    When we were in college and the wind ripped and howled through the campus, Tony would make whooshing noise in my ear. Very funny.

    Sometimes I ‘hide’ in the family room in our basement, sometimes escape into my i-pod. Anything to get away.

    I’d rather be in a raging thunderstorm, a sound I love.

    I know! I’m nuts!

It’s the little things you remember… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto