What a difference a year makes (in lbs.)

I was running on the treadmill at the gym today (I hate the treadmill, but it was just too icy to run outside) and a song came on my iPod that I hadn’t heard in awhile – When You Were Young by The Killers.

A little back story here. Usually I have my Playlists all set up for my outside runs (I’m training to run a marathon in May – as long as my IT band, shins, ankles can continue to at least entertain my pleas to cooperate) so I can rock out while I’m in my running groove. But my iPod mini, which is almost 4 years old, has apparently decided to quit me. Even when I’m at full battery, it will tell me that I have no battery power and proceed to cease playing. At the gym, though, I can hook it up to the treadmill, where it miraculously decides to work. IN THEORY, I can just use the treadmill’s touch screen to play my Playlists. However, given that I sweat when I run and basically create chaos when I try to touch the screen to program my iPod songs, I just plug it in and let it decide whichever songs it wants to play. At least I have music to run to.

So, that’s the story behind why When You Were Young just kind of randomly made its way into my run today. It made me smile, though, because I had written a blog post awhile back inspired by that song, particularly these lyrics: “And sometimes you close your eyes/ and see the place where you used to live/ When you were young.” The post was about my childhood home and my memories there. It caught the eye of an AP reporter, Melissa Dutton, who was doing research for an article she was writing on the connection some people feel to their childhood homes. She interviewed me and I was featured in her article, which was picked up by The Washington Post and CNN.com, among other news media, including my hometown paper, The Providence Journal.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Not only was my story featured in the article, but my photo was featured prominently, as well. We have kept in touch with the people who bought my childhood home, and they allowed an AP photographer, Stew Milne, to take some pictures of me at the house to accompany the article.

So today when that song popped up on my iPod, it made me think back to when I made the trip back to my childhood home to take those photos. And it just so happened that those photos were taken exactly one year ago tomorrow, January 30. I remember the exact date because it is my doggy Ryder’s birthday (yay!), and after those pictures were taken I had gone back to my own house and had a little doggy birthday celebration for her.

I also remember that when I was getting dressed the morning those photos were taken, I could hardly get the pants I wanted to wear up around my hips. And they definitely wouldn’t zip. I remember being depressed about that.

So when that song came on today, as I was running, I thought about the difference a year makes. Specifically, I have gone from this, on January 30, 2008:

to this, on January 24, 2009:

Please understand, I am not one to toot my own horn. Ask anyone who knows me – I cannot take a compliment. But I’m happy about what I’ve accomplished. I’ve lost somewhere between 20-25 lbs. (I think – I don’t like to weigh myself so I’m not exactly sure), and it’s been through hard work and determination. Running. Spinning. Eating better.

I love that those pants that wouldn’t zip are now loose on me. But most of all, I love that I’m proud of myself.

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  1. Jane,
    I have seen you work hard and be determined and motivated every single day. You have inspired me – which is my I get my butt on the road with you and try to keep up for 2-3 miles before I call it quits and you keep running. I think what I have noticed the most about you… and I the weightloss is incredible… but YOU now vs. the Jane last year, you’re full of more energy. You have a glow about you that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. The running and the training… there has to be something to the full connection of BODY, mind and soul. I’m proud of you Jane!

  2. Janie… you’ve taught me more about strength and determination and the power within more than you will ever imagine. This is a great gift… to be a mentor to your own Mom. Your beauty and brilliance has always mesmerized me, from the very first moment… but now you have inspired me to achieve my goal of completing a sprint triathlon. I truly could not do this without your support and INSPIRATION. I love you…

  3. Wow great for you. What an inspirational story of determination and accomplishment. I love best that you are proud of yourself and well you should. Way to go.

  4. JANE! That’s amazing. And not only did you do that for your own body, but you inspired countless others, including me, with Twitfit and Hot Bloggers. Thanks for sharing your journey, you rock. Lindsay

  5. Jet,
    As you know, when you were growing up, every night when I kissed you good night, I would follow it up with the same phrase; I would say…
    “and remember…I’m proud of you” That has never changed, not for a minute. I am so proud of you…and I’m proud to be your father… more than you could ever imagine.

  6. As a non-athlete and previously chubbylicious (still hold on to some of it), I am ECSTATIC at what you’ve accomplished. YOU have worked hard and I respect you for working that butt off!!

    And, I would totally die without my playist too. So excited for your marathon! And, you will just get stronger..and that’s what counts in the end!

    Woot Woot!!

  7. Janey girl you not only look great but you are glowing…and it shows through your writing. CONGRATS GIRLFRIEND! I’d by you a a vodka and diet tonic if I lived near you! (:-*) Thats actually my drink of choice but you can have what you like 😉 as long as mines kettle one.
    seriously thought you have been so motivating to so many woman including myself. I haven’t for years been able to run b.c of my endometreosis and pcos but not that I’m healed from the surgeries I’m determined to not only keep feeding my family well…but get their butts out there WITH ME moving! (I want my husband to get some motivation. I’m worried about him. see my last post. on my blog [http://tinyurl.com/bjwoqk] and look at him. he eats at 11 pm like 2 sandwiches and soup. so its not necessarily unhealthy its just his eating HABITS. he eats nothing all day then STUFFS himself at midnight.)

    Jane if you can or have any suggestions…and you still have time for your old flame (me) LOL email me. I need help!

    WONDER WHY my blog has its title? see comment above!

  8. You look amazing. I met you almost a year ago, and I remember you looking good then too. You’re an inspiration. I need to find my groove, so that maybe a year from now I could do a before and after. Congrats.

  9. Congratulations on all your hard work! You look awesome and healthy. I lost 25 lbs in 2008 and hope to lose 25 more in 2009 to finally reach my “goal”. Thanks for the inspiration.

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