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I’ve been tagged with the 25 Random Things About Myself by my wonderful friend Dawn, my daughter-in-law Nicole (one not-so-random thing is that I LOVE Nicole), and by a blogging friend whom I’ve never met, Marie. When I sat down to actually think about this “assignment,” I found myself digging really deeply into myself to find the really “random” things… and it was like layers began to peel away. I mean, the “random” things come from somewhere, right? It turned into a very interesting and very fun little tag. So here goes:

1. I was born in Michigan and brought home to my grandparents’ farm… my dad was in the Navy at the time, aboard ship, and did not see me for 3 weeks

2. I took hula lessons as a child while living in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego

3. I have a tattoo on my left wrist… 2 strawberries that remind me of visiting my grandparents’ farm and spending perfect childhood days in their strawberry fields

4. I wear very high heels, boots and clogs all the time… unless working out, of course

5. I have an allergy to sulfites and cannot drink most wines, so I switched to beer years ago

6. I love to ski

7. I fractured my right wrist 3 years ago while skiing… involving a nasty fall over the edge of a narrow trail, a rescue by SKI PATROL and a ride down the mountain in a rescue sled. I will never forget the beauty of the trees, the morning sun, the quiet but for the sounds of the Ski Patrol skis during that journey.

8. I love warm coffee… not hot coffee

9. I taught high school English and Reading for 30 years

10. I am fascinated with the saga of the buffalo… and have done a great deal of research on this subject

11. I know how to drive a car with a standard transmission

12. I have never pumped my own gas… (this is very random!)

13. As a teenager, I sewed all of my own clothing, including jackets, coats and bathing suits

14. I love antiques, I love the history of pieces of furniture, and I love browsing antique stores, fairs and flea markets with my husband… and we own a 250-year old home where we enjoy our finds

15. I love family traditions

16. I play Webkinz games for fun

17. My iPod has a lot of Emmy Lou Harris, David Bromberg, Angel Band and Jerry Jeff Walker

18. I love Ambrose Bierce

19. I have written lots of children’s stories, first for my own children and now for my 9 grandchildren

20. I had a speaking part in the film Outside Providence, but the story line to my scene was cut… yes, I ended up on the cutting room floor

21. I am a card-holding member of the Screen Actors Guild

22. My husband has a Harley and we’re planning a trip to the Sturgis Bike Rally in August… camping at the famous Buffalo Chip Campground where both Aerosmith and George Thorogood will be performing

23. My favorite novel, and trilogy, of all time… Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against The Sea and Pitcairn’s Island. I read Mutiny on the Bounty in 9th grade Honors English and my English teacher could never know the impact this book has had on my love of history, research and learning… perhaps I should seek her out and tell her

24. I have green eyes

25. I love to hula hoop… oh, you’ve already seen for yourself!

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  1. What a great list! It’s fun seeing the random facts that otherwise might not come up in regular posts. 🙂 I’ve actually never pumped my own gas either – although I’m from New Jersey, so for a long time I didn’t have the option. And I’m very impressed that you sewed your own bathing suits!

  2. I loved reading this! The “random” facts are the best of all! I’m so impressed with how many things you can do, Sharon! You are a woman of so many talents!

  3. Sharon,

    I found your blog and am having a blast browsing; I’ve bookmarked it for future leisurely reading.

    I just watched your hula hoop video (can’t do it, by the way). It’s funny, it’s you, and it made me cry. Really.

    You are funny, you are real, you are everything I remember from our youth. I am SO looking forward to our continued relationship.

    More later….

  4. You are amazing! You can pogo stick and hula hoop! I am so impressed. I can’t do either. I can’t whistle either. I’ve also been tagged by a number of people for this same list. I need to get working on it.
    Thanks so much for commenting on my posts! You always bring a smile to my face. I really hope to meet you one day in person. Planning on coming to Chicago any time soon?

  5. I love you Sharon!!! I also like warm, not hot, coffee!! and also have an allergy to sulfites!!!!!! but still drink wine!!! maybe that’s what is “wrong” with me….. going to try the beer thing!!! (jeez, what else has sulfites in it???)

  6. #1 Believe it or not, I never knew you were born in Michigan!!!! I surely remember you talking about San Diego, I was so jealous, and traveling all over the place as the child of a Navy man. Glad you ended up in RI….

    #2 The hula video is a keeper. Makes me smile, no laugh out loud (I refuse to resort to texting initials).

    #3 Remember when tatoos were for women — and men — of ill repute? No longer. I’d always wanted one, but it for sure wasn’t safe when we were young(er). The artist who did mine has an art degree from our alma mater, Rhode Island College. His place was as immaculate as a doctor’s office.

    #4. I where flats. All the time. I dress for comfort.

    #5 I love wine. Good wine. Especially red. But some white. Never white zin. Horrors! I’m snotty about that. But I do also love Jack Daniels neat. Our Principal at work says must be true that you have to watch out for the quiet ones.

    #6 Cf. my 25 randoms things for notes on my athletic abilities, or lack thereof.

    #10 Wolves. I love wolves.

    #11 I am the only one in my family who can drive a stick shift. Note also that I am the only woman in my family.

    12 Holy cow I fought this for years but finally succumbed

    13 Tried. Stunk at it. Still do. Thank God I discovered cross stitching. My grandmother did what you could do, including coats and millinery. My mother was hopeless with a needle. I guess I fall somewhere in between.

    1-25 I love everything I read about you. You have always been remarkable, with great talent and copious amounts of love that you share so willingly and generously. Joyous.

Tagged and Tagged Again (and again)! was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Sharon Couto