I remember the first time I heard about SPANX.

I was watching Oprah one afternoon and she had on this very attractive, very vivacious woman named Sara Blakely who was talking about her footless hosiery, SPANX.

I immediately remember thinking – this is genius. Hosiery to help you look trim and slim and tucked and sucked-all-in.

But it wasn’t until last night that I really, really felt that Sara Blakely should be honored with a National Holiday somewhere on the calendar.

I went out to dinner with my mother and sister. We were doing our “Mom Generations Holiday Dinner” at this great little restaurant in our town. I threw on a pair of jeans that I bought right before I got pregnant with Benjamin. They buttoned. But they needed a little – shall I say – squeeze in my hips.

So I tossed on a pair of SPANX – which doubled as a great additional thermal in this freezing weather – and instantly the jeans fit GREAT!

So Day #8 of my Fashion Advice for Moms… (if need be) invest in a pair of SPANX. They come in a variety of styles and colors and designs. They’re not only hoisery, but body shapers and camis and bras and slimming apparel and maternity options and plus size options. There are few essentials that we need in our wardrobes… panties and bras are definites. SPANX is another.

Plus… Sara Blakely created a line for Target called Assets.
The same bodyshaping hosiery genius… at Target!

For any jiggles or wiggles or shakes or rolls or flaps or flips… SPANX it.

It’s the easiest fix. Sara, as a mother of 4, I salute you.

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  1. The first time I wore capri Spanx was at your wedding, Audrey! I had such a beautiful dress that was altered to a perfect fit, and I did not want any bulges… especially because I wanted to EAT lots of yummy food at the reception! I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were under my dress, the kind of comfortable that I forgot I had them on. And of course the capri length allowed me to wear those sexy high heels! Isn’t it funny that a pair of Spanx made one of the happiest days of my life even happier! Thanx, Spanx!

  2. Spanx are great! But, one must be careful because on the wrong person they can move a buldge from one place to another. Hoda and Kathy Lee were discussing this on the today show Monday!

  3. Let’s face it, everyone needs Spanx! I am sure even celebrities wear them when they wear those slinky dresses. I am going to look into getting some as well.

  4. Spanx are very good but to be honest, they’re extremely rigid and can be quite constricting, even somewhat uncomfortable after a few hours! I recently tried some new, lighter weight but totally effective styles from Wacoal, BodyWrap and Flexees. In fact, the website http://www.BareNecessities.com just launched Dr. Rey’s collection of shapewear (from Dr. 90210 fame) and they’re affordable, really comfy. And YES – most all celebrities wear shapewear under their slinkiest dresses!!

SPANX it. was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland