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Sunday was a fabulously fun day for Barry and me.  It began with a 2-minute trek to our local recreation area… with William and Alexander and 2 snow gliders and a sledding tube.  Our town “rec” area has, among other wonderful things, a couple of hills just the right size for sledding with 3 and 4-year old boys.  It was one of those perfect days.  Late afternoon.  Lots of happy families.  Warm, even as the frozen hills stayed frozen.  We went up and down those hills countless times… for almost 3 hours.

Once back at our home, we had hot chocolate.  Spaghetti.  A toasty long bath for the boys.  Ice cream with tons of chocolate sauce, even though it was bedtime.  And a late night of Webkinz.

I felt so happy to see William and Alex so happy… until I realized that we did not have Alex’s 2 blankets.  Alex isn’t one of those guys who cannot go anywhere without his “blankies,” but bedtime is another story.  But Audrey was out-of-town, I knew Matt would be all settled in with Benjamin and Henry for the evening, and Barry and I hesitated to change the perfect karma that was going on.

Of course, as grandparents, we did the unthinkable… allowed the boys to cuddle up on the couch with soft pillows and our warm blankets.  Alex never mentioned his “blankies.”

Jump to Day 2.  Audrey was still out-of-town, Barry and I had William and Alex overnight again… and we both forgot all about Alex’s blankies until cuddle-up-on-the-couch time.  Alex never mentioned them.

It wasn’t until this morning that Alex said to me upon awakening, “Grandma!  I didn’t have my blankies.  For 2 nights!”  He didn’t say this in a panic… he said it excitedly.  He then added, “I love my blankies, you know.”

Of course I know.  I, too, had a blankie until I was old enough to remember when I ditched it.  (A story for another blog.)  But watching Alex’s eyes dance with such big-boy enthusiasm made my heart leap.  I saw a glimpse of the future in that moment.

As a grandma, I am of the opinion that Alex can go to college with his blankies.  Heck, take ’em on the honeymoon!  Alex, I’m sure, has another plan.  That little plan went into effect just this morning.

Ah… bittersweet!

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  1. I still have my blankie and I’m 43. While I don’t sleep with it anymore it still is folded in my hope chest safe and sound. When my youngest nephew was about 2 he fell asleep at my house with my blanket. His parents picked him and my blanket up and took him home. When I arrived home from an evening out with friends and found “pinkie blanket” gone , I got in my car (I was 18 at the time) drove to my sister’s home and gently removed pinkie from his arms. It hasn’t left me since. I wouldn’t even share it when my own beautiful daughter was born 12 years ago. So it seems Alex is a much braver little person than I ever was 🙂

  2. I hate to admit it, but I actually still sleep with my baby pillow. Over the years my mom has sewn, re-sewn and restuffed it for me, but I have always slept with it. The guy that marries me will also have to marry my pillow!

  3. That is so sweet! Sunday sounds like the perfect day, and what a huge moment for Alex. I can see how it would be bittersweet! Although I did actually take my very first stuffed animal to college, so you never know., 😉

  4. I have a soft spot for blankies. I had one and actually kept it around until I was 15. I started dating my husband (yes, I was only 15) and my mom said we should probably put that up now. My mom still has it.
    Lexi has one as well. She can do without it, but prefers having it.

  5. My blankie stuck with me through college and beyond! I ended up losing blankie and it was “tragic”. My husband was even sad to see it go. By the end blankie was almost whittled away to a string, but I stilled loved it. My son’s don’t have anything they need to go to sleep, but if they did I would never take it away from them.

  6. I still have my blanket. I loved rubbing the stain edge of it on my cheek before I fell asleep at night – as both my brother and sister like to remind me. A few years ago my brother found it – or what was left of it – in a box with lots of our baby things. He had his wife add a new stain edge and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. It was such a great gift!

  7. I don’t have a blankie, I have a stuffed animal.
    I love it. I don’t sleep w/ it but I make sure it’s within site when I go to bed

    and doing the “unthinkable” is what a grandparent does. Or an Aunt. I let the Princess get away with a lot that she knows she isn’t allowed to do. But I also don’t let her get away w/ stuff.

  8. What a sweetheart. I love that he was so okay with that, but still wanted to let you know that he loves his blankies.
    I don’t have a blankie, but I still sleep with a stuffed animal. I used to be embarrassed to admit it, but I’m okay with it!

  9. I can’t believe you guys went 3 hours sledding. What vitamins are you on? Steph had a favorite blankie and it looked like swiss cheese, it was washed so many times. How sweet what Alex said. He is growing up!

Security Blanket was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto