My sons… my heroes…

My husband loves to “wrestle” with the boys. As William and Alexander have grown older, they love to team up and “try to get Daddy!” as best as they can. And now Benjamin has come of age… he gets right in the middle of things, throwing himself into the mix.

It is hilarious!

Well… this afternoon… as the boys were “wrestling” Matt, I decided to try to tickle Matt so the boys could really “get” him.

I’m not fast and swift in the world of “Daddy-and-sons-pretend-wrestling” so Matt was able to turn the table pretty quickly and start tickling me.

Matt was laughing and said to William, Alexander and Benjamin – “Guys… get Mommy!”

I was laughing so hard… but was able to mouth the words, “Guys… NO!”

To which my knights in shining armor replied…

“No… WE’RE GETTING YOU, DADDY! STOP TICKLING MOMMY!” and proceeded to say, “Mommy… are you OK!?”

Ahh… my little men. It warmed my heart.

(And I was able to get Matt to stop tickling me by telling the boys, “Guys… Daddy loves it when you pull his leg hair!”)

Day #18 of Fashion Advice for Moms

Maternity clothes.

Something us moms know well.

I have been pregnant 4 times. That’s about 36 months of maternity clothes – back to back to back to back! Believe me, you begin to figure out pretty quickly what feels most comfortable, what fits the best and what looks the best.

Just ask my husband… I became a quick learner in the world of “maternity” fashion.

So what are some fun and easy pieces?

My favorite go-to clothing items while I was pregnant were maternity tees.

What I loved about wearing maternity tees was their versatility. I loved throwing a long-sleeved tee under a short-sleeved tee. It was just a quick and easy outfit… and I felt – well, fashionista(ish)!

So if you’re looking for a really chic and fashionable outfit to wear out… or in… this is my advice – grab yourself some maternity tees with some really cute novelty slogans.

There are 2 online boutiques that have the best in novelty tee(s) selections – 2 Chix and Dreem. They have the cutest and most perfect maternity tees… every time you wear one out – you will be stopped and asked where you got it! That’s how great they are… total attention grabbers.

And the tees are COMFORTABLE! Cozy 100% cotton tees… just what you want (and like) to be sporting over your belly… ahhh, and they are oh-so-ultra-soft.

I asked a good friend, Alyssa from Keeping the Kingdom First, to send me a photo of her in the “Look But Don’t Touch” tee from Dreem. Alyssa wore this tee while we were in NYC together… what I love about this tee is its cut, contouring perfectly to a pregnant body. You want that in a maternity tee.

Alyssa is naturally beautiful… but just look at her in this Dreem tee.

How great does she look? That’s a lucky little boy in there! He’s got one haute mama!

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  1. Oh what sweet boys.

    It is already obvious The Prince is a total momma’s boy. Either that or he looks at me and thinks, “Supper!” and is instantly happy. Either way, I’ll take it.

  2. Your boys are such little princes; that is so cute!

    And I love the “look but don’t touch” t-I may have to hunt that down if we get pregnant again; I’m not a fan of strangers touching my belly, esp when they don’t ask first

  3. I love the leg hair thing – lol! And how very sweet of your boys to protect you. 🙂 Tickle fights must be fun in your house with so many willing participants!

  4. My number one maternity clothing tip which I discovered when preg with twins is stretchy tank tops. I wore them under everything to cover that gap you can’t see in the third trimester between you pants and tops. No shirts were long enough but with a tank top underneath I knew my belly was covered.

  5. I just found your blog and love it already! I am 19 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and so frustrated with maternity clothing right now. I will definitely be checking out those sites for cute maternity tees – thanks! I hope that you will do more posts on maternity clothes because I’m sure I’m not the only expecting mama out there that is frustrated with the lack of selection, style, fit and COLOR available in maternity clothing. Please help us and give us some advice!!

  6. Just found your site and LOVE IT!

    I am not a MOM, but currently living the corporate 9-5 lifestyle. Quick and practical are still a necessity! Hope to look ulta chic professional by using your tips!!

    In the event I should become a mom, this shirt is a must have!! Period!

    Keep up the great work,

My sons… my heroes… was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland