My goodness… they’re going down.

My best friend and I were chatting last night about bras.

Yup, bras. You know, normal woman/mom stuff.

She can’t find one that fits — perfect. After the birth of her daughter (14 months ago) she hasn’t fit into any of her pre-pregnancy bras. She never breastfed, so she thought she’d just sort of go “back to normal” in due time.

She didn’t. And come to think of it — I haven’t either. Just when I thought I would be getter a little bigger, the opposite has happened. What gives?

Well… for Day #10 of Fashion Advice for Moms I bring to you –

I knew I found my mecca when I saw their opening line –

“Odds are, you don’t truly know your bra size.
How can you tell?”

And brings you step by step in figuring it out.

It’s truly (in a word) brilliant.

And for you pregnant and nursing moms out there, they cater to you, too!

So excuse me while I go throw out every single bra I own — I was WAY OFF on my size!

**I was told this morning that you can also go to Victoria’s Secret and have them fit you right there on the spot!**

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  1. Audrey–I know your readership is far and wide…but for any western suburbs of Boston gals, that old-fashioned lingerie store in Concord is very good at sizing. I would guess any specialty lingerie store (especially independents) should be very good at measuring you accurately. It is eye-opening!

  2. I am partial to this place

    After seeing owner and founder Susan Nethero on many TV shows, I knew I had to go for a fitting while on a vacation in Chicago a year ago. O.M.G. she and her staff are wonderful!

  3. Intimicy in Boston ( at Copley Place) is great for fitting. I have been to VS and they are not so great. Nordstroms is pretty good too.

  4. After nursing Baby B for TWO YEARS, I finally weaned him & bought “normal” bras. Ashley at VS in Providence Place was SO HELPFUL & did a wonderful job fitting me & picking out bras for me to try on that I never would have if left on my own.

    I have to say, my boobs shriveled down to nothing at first, but now they’re starting to fill out again.

    Great post–thanks, Audrey!! 🙂
    p.s. Are you in for a Rhody tweet up??

  5. I think mine’s better after breastfeeding 3 kids. Weird that lol
    Here in South Africa they actually measure you every time you buy a bra…well obviously if you want them to

  6. VS was fabulous at fitting me into the right bra after I weaned my second babe. Little did I know I was pregnant at the time. 🙂

    Hoping to go back in a few months.

    I love the advice here! I’m getting motivated to bring fashion to the homestead! 🙂

  7. I’m a very unusual size (32H) and have never had any luck at Victoria’s Secret. They’ve always tried to fit me into a size that they sell. Every time I’ve been fitted there, they tell me I’m a 38DD. There’s no way I’m a 38 band since I’m a petite size 4/6. After going to a bra boutique as well as following advice from Bravissimo (best bra shop ever!), I know the truth.

    For bustier women, I HIGHLY recommend Bravissimo. They have sexy, beautiful bras for chesty girls.

My goodness… they’re going down. was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland