Let’s hear it for the boys…

Last Saturday, my husband and I took our two granddaughters ice skating as part of their Christmas gift from us.

But today, it was all about the boys. Duckpin bowling with the boys, that is.

For Christmas, we gave each of our older four grandsons a real bowling pin with a promise to take them bowling. The choice of bowling was easy… we knew that Andrew (6), Jake (4), William (4) and Alex (3) would love it, but we also wanted to honor Flo, my deceased mother-in-law. Flo didn’t just love to bowl… she loved to bowl. She loved the challenge, the individual and team aspect, the community. She loved the statistics, the trophies, the banquets. And she especially loved the bowling attire. Flo was very proud of her East Providence Bowling Academy bowling shirts… they gave her a wonderful sense of belonging to something.

The past few years of declining health prevented Flo from bowling, but that didn’t stop her from heading to the bowling ally. She had become a great friend to Peter, the owner of East Providence Bowling Academy, and she loved to visit, to bring him homemade pies and cookies and soups… and Peter would take Flo to the market, to church, and pretty much anywhere she wanted to go. Flo often told us that she thought of Peter as her 4th son. Flo so loved her special bowling ally that we decided to hold the reception after her funeral Mass and burial at this very place where she had spent so many perfect days and evenings over so many, many years. So heading to the bowling ally today with our grandsons was a wonderful Christmas journey that would also highlight the New Year.

The boys were beside themselves with excitement, and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that Barry’s brother, Uncle Rick, was joining us… and even better (sorry, Rick), their “big” cousin Max, too. Max is almost 14, and he is not only a hero to the little guys, but he works at the bowling ally! This day was just getting better and better.

So OK… I was the lone girl in a pack of 7 guys. Me… in my precious bowling shirt with the name FLO embroidered near my heart. I just had to wear one of Flo’s bowling shirts… the ones I had found tucked so neatly in her armoire.

I know Flo was smiling on us… I know she was with us at the ally today. I could feel her warmth embracing us. Flo may have loved to bowl… but her boys? Nothing could touch that love. I also wore Flo’s charm bracelet, the one with the sterling silver bowling ladies and bowling pins. Even the boys were mesmerized by this special bracelet.

Now, of course I wanted Flo to be proud, so on my first time up, I said, “Come on, Mom… let the girls teach the boys a lesson or two.” And here is what happened…

Today was a day of more than a Christmas promise. Today was a day of angels and memories and honor and journeys. Today was a day that I will never forget… and I know that my precious little grandsons and my wonderful nephew will never forget it, too. Today was about more than colorful bowling shoes and strikes and pizza and lemonade and ice cream and vending machines… today was all about love. Love.

Thanks, Flo. You began it all.

(And oh, for those of you who care to know… I beat all 7 of the guys, including Barry and Rick, in the first string with a score of 95. Boo-yah! And I had the highest average of the day. Not that anyone’s counting…)

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  1. Mom, This just gave me the BIGGEST SMILE!! Thank you for the amazing GIFT for the boys!

  2. I love the picture of you wearing Flo’s bowling shirt! What a perfect way to remember her and what a great memory for your grandsons.

  3. How wonderful! What a great way to honor your mother-in-law and create a great memory with the boys. And it looks like Flo really was with you on that throw. 🙂 Plus I agree – you look great in her shirt. It certainly suits you.

  4. Way to go, Sharon! I grew up going to the bowling alley with my grandparents. In the later years when my grandfather’s emphysema was so bad and he was on oxygen, he would still bowl. Sadly, the bowling gene must have skipped me. I’m horrible. Bowling is great fun though, and brings great memories with it.
    That was a great gift idea!

  5. Good for you Sharon. I know that Flo was so honored you wore her shirt and bracelet. I love how much you love and show great respect to her.
    Nice job beating the guys.

    Now I have to say that was a great gift for the grandsons. I totally understand little boys worshiping the older cousin or male that’s a teenager. First my son did it and then he became the one the little boys followed around.

  6. Me again!!! Sharon, I just read the comment you just left on my last post and can I tell you how much you made me cry? 🙂

    You are so sweet and I feel blessed to have “met” you too. Thank goodness Jane and I happened to stumble on each other’s blogs ages ago. Wow…it HAS been ages ago. Pinks and Blues wasn’t even in existence yet and not to mention Mom Generations! I met Jane on her Mama Doggy Love blog! Wow.

    Hopefully we will all meet someday. I would love for you to meet Little One in person! Of course, I would love to meet you all in person too!!! XOXO

  7. You are one in a million! What a great gift to your boys…and where in the world did you find bowling pins to wrap up for them? I could just see Flo smiling down on you and how special to wear her shirt and bracelet.

Let’s hear it for the boys… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto