I ain’t afraid-a no ghosts…

Ghosts.  OK.  I guess they’re a bit frightening to think about, especially the horror-movie variety.  But what about the other ones… you know, the cold-air-in-the room kind.

I think I may have a couple of these good-guy ghosts in my home.

My husband and I bought a 1780 New England federal-style home four years ago.  It was built by Dr. Jeremiah Greene, a cousin to Major General Nathanael Greene of Revolutionary War fame.  Sometimes as I sit in various rooms in my home, I can feel the presence of someone, or something.  This has only happened when I am alone in my home… or alone in a room.  I have definitely felt the passing cold-air thing, only to see no motion from open windows or ceiling fans, and I have felt cold air even in the dead (no pun intended) of winter with the radiators sizzling and singing their songs.  I have never, ever felt uncomfortable… on the contrary, I have felt safe and comforted during these little visits.

One time stands out very clearly in my mind.  Audrey and her husband were visiting from New York City three years ago this month.  William had just turned 1 in September and Alexander was 4 months old.  Alex was very agitated, crying and crying… and there was nothing Audrey or Matt or Barry or I could do to soothe him.  This went on for hours… well into the darkness of a cold winter’s night.  It was well after midnight when I crept into the guest bedroom and told Audrey that I would walk Alex around downstairs.  It was cold.  My floors were creaking.  I swaddled Alex all the more tightly and paced.  At one point, I remembered that someone in my town had told me that Dr. Greene had been a pediatrician… and that his office was where our dining room is now.  As in most older homes, there are doors that close off each room… so I opened the door from our family room and walked down the hall to our dining room.  I opened the door, and because I do believe in spirits, I whispered to Dr. Greene to please help calm my precious grandson.  All of a sudden, I smelled the aroma of tobacco.  It was strong and pungent… but oh, so calming.  I shut the door behind me and began to speak aloud to whomever was there.  I felt no fear.  Withing seconds, Alex stopped crying.  He cuddled into my arms and fell fast asleep.  I felt so calm that I sat down and breathed in the sweet aroma and the incredible warmth.  After a few minutes, both the aroma and the warmth were gone.  I tip-toed back upstairs and sat on my bed, watching and listening to Alex breathe.  He was fast asleep.  I stayed there for what seemed like hours… until Audrey came looking for us.  She took Alex back to his crib in the guest room, where he slept peacefully for hours.

The next morning, I told everyone about Dr. Greene’s visit.  I know Audrey believed me.

Since then, I have felt the aura of spirits many times. I especially feel them in my stand-up attic, where we now have exercise equipment.  I love that space.  I love the feeling.  I am never afraid…

No, I ain’t afraid-a no ghosts.

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?  Will you share any stories?

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  1. I think you shared part of that story with me when I shared my ghost story around Halloween. I love it. I absolutely believe in benevolent ghosts. I guess there could be angry spirits around, too, but I like to believe that most are harmless. My parents’ house was built in 1840, and my dad and I both believe that there are spirits there. He really thinks that one of the spirits is a child because in their house, electronic toys ALWAYS seem to start up on their own–no explanation, they’ll just turn on and go. I think it gives an old house character!

    Oh, and your comment about changing your blog name to yooker made me laugh SO MUCH. I’m a huge fan of the dark smokey eye, too, but it’s definitely not conducive to exercise!

  2. Wow! I love that story…totally gave me chills! My mom used to live in a house as a child that had ghosts. She has lots of great stories! I don’t have any so maybe I need to be more aware of what’s around me. My house was built in 1920 and has always been inhabited by military officers so I’m sure some are here!

  3. Ohh! You just gave me the chills! What a neat story! I believe in ghosts too…I may have to do a post on that tomorrow! I do have a ghost story that happened when I was about 9. I was home with my father and siblings, when I clearly saw the shape of a man walk across the room. I immediately told my dad I had seen someone I didn’t know in the house. I was SO insistent that my dad checked it out and found nothing. Now, everyone still teases me about this story, because they don’t believe me. We call him “the man in the checkered pants” because I could clearly see he was wearing those checkered pants men wore in the 60s. I KNOW I saw him!!!

  4. I loved this story! It is so amazing. I do believe in Guardian Angels. I have so many stories about things that happened when the guardian angel was there. I also believe that some of our loved ones who have passed are with us in spirit. I will have to share stories on my blog…too many to tell.

I ain’t afraid-a no ghosts… was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto