He did it… he really, really did it. (Or, we did!)

Don’t laugh. (I have to preface my blog post with this request before I go on… because I know I’m behind the ball on this one!)

But last night Henry slept in his own room — in his own crib — for the entire night!

This is HUGE for us.

Henry falls asleep every night in a reclining seat we have for him. I guess I fell into the category – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type mentality. He would fall asleep every night at 7PM and wake up once at 3AM for a bottle and then sleep till 7AM. Considering William and Alexander would wake up every 2 hours until they were 12 months… I figured we had hit pay dirt with Henry! And we did… believe me!

My husband had been telling me for 2 months that “we have to put Henry in his own room…”

But it wasn’t until 2 people really started on me – my mother and my mother-in-law – that I really thought it may be a good time.

Deep down inside, I knew it was. I think part of me just loved having him right next to me at night. It’s been wonderful being able to peek on him throughout the night, right by my side in his little reclining seat.

But last night. We did it. He fell asleep – as usual – in his chair… and then we brought him up to his crib. He did wake up… and he did cry on and off for about an hour… but then all I heard was a little snore. And when I went in to check on him, he was sprawled out. My heart just melted…

Around 7AM this morning I heard some little noises… and there he was… smiling away at me in his crib. (Probably thinking – so this is what it’s like to have a really good night’s sleep!)

Day #25 – 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms

I’ve been getting some emails asking me about headbands.

A fashion do or not?

I love headbands. I love to wear simple solid-colored headbands… I usually lean towards 1″ wide ones that are black and dark brown.

I say — they are definitely a BIG FASHION DO!

What I love about headbands is that anyone can wear them regardless of your hair color or hair length. You can wear them with your hair down or with your hair up. They are an easy accessory to toss on – especially when you’re having a BAD HAIR DAY! (hint, hint)

Here are some great examples:

Just stay away from… more toddler/child type headbands…

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  1. So glad to hear Henry slept in his crib. Soon Brady will be moving to his own crib, and I’m a little nervous. He’s been sleeping in the pack n play in the living room, but now we’ve gotten his brother a loft bed to make room in the bedroom for him. My BFF is giving me her old crib, and we’ll be setting it up this week. Wish me luck! Maybe Henry can teach Brady some lessons?

He did it… he really, really did it. (Or, we did!) was last modified: March 16th, 2010 by Audrey McClelland