Has this happened to you? (Please say, YES!)

I took William, Alexander and Benjamin to the post office yesterday.

I knew I needed to mail 4 packages, so I purposely waited all afternoon for Alexander and Benjamin to take naps… by 3PM, I knew these boys weren’t going to sleep. Especially since if they went down at 3PM, they wouldn’t fall asleep for the night until probably around 11PM! And I didn’t want that…

Henry was sound asleep, so I asked my mother to stay with him as I took the older boys with me. I promised them a chocolate-covered donut from Dunkin Donuts if the were good boys and listened to me while we waited… the (oh, I hate to say it) “bribe” must have worked because they didn’t make a peep. Even with a line of 4 people ahead of us… they stood with me and just waited. Perfect angels!

So after we left the post office and did our Dunkin Donut drive-thru… I thought to myself, “Well, we need milk, butter, eggs and some diapers – let me get them while we’re out…”

The boys were so good – I knew it would be a fine. Especially since their bellies were filled with yummy donuts! I pulled up to one of our local convenience stores – got the boys out – went in… got all of the items… paid… had the boys all hold hands while we walked to the car while I held the bags of stuff, and got in. Ah… we were working like a well-oiled machine.

And then I saw it. Well, them.

A package of M&Ms. No, wait… 2 packages of M&Ms. Um, wait… 3.

Each one of the boys must have grabbed a package of M&Ms as I was standing there paying.

I was so embarrassed! I had the boys come back in with me immediately… and as I was explaining to the cashier what I discovered, she started laughing and told me, “I rung them all up… I thought you knew they grabbed them.”

In my quick and let’s-go pace to get in and out, I didn’t even look to see what she was ringing me up for… never mind the fact that each boy took a package of M&Ms…

Well-oiled machine? Yup… everyone, but me!

Well… there’s one for the Baby Books…


Day #7 of Fashion Advice for Moms. I have been getting emails and DMs from Twitter (my handle is @AudreyMcClellan) asking me questions about fashion and the series I’m doing – 365 Days of Fashion Advice for Moms. I love this… so if you have any questions to ask me, go ahead… send them my way. [email protected]

Yesterday I got an email from Francine Loftus (she told me I could use her name) asking me, “What website would you recommend if I want to see where the celebrities get their clothing? The exact items.”

Well Francine… I love the site Coolspotters.com. Coolspotters.com is exactly what you are looking for – it shows you what celebrities are wearing and where they got the item(s). It’s very straight-forward. Very informative. Very fun. It shows celebrities not only in their real lives, but also stuff they are wearing on TV shows and in the movies they are in. Peruse the site and really get a good feel of it. They also have a “Join Us” feature where you can create a profile and really sink your teeth into Coolspotters.com and receive updates.

Hope this helps!

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  1. It has happened once. And boy did it scared Eieny crapless when it happened and I brought her back in AND made her pay (our cashier wasn’t paying that much attention). She was I think, 3.5.

    Kudos for bringing them back in!

  2. Ha — yup, this has happened to me! Once both my boys grabbed loads of gum at the checkout line at the supermarket — the checker caught it, I was clueless. And, once my 4 y.o. son walked off with a DVD at Blockbuster!

  3. thanks for the Coolspotters heads up! A friend had mentioned the site to me a few weeks ago, but I didn’t check it out until now. Amazingly cool site!!

  4. Great story! I’m glad the clerk made sure to ring up the candy for you. It’s too bad the little ones forgot to ask first. 🙂

  5. It’s never happened to me, but that’s only because the girls aren’t allowed in convenience stores. Too furry. 😉

  6. Coolspotters.com is the best! loved the Gossip Girl TV series page… they have there the the clothes,shoes,bags and accessories I saw in the series!…GREAT site!

  7. I can’t say I’ve had the experience of the M & Ms, but they didn’t have all that available when my kids were young! But I am not too old to check out coolspotters.com and I really enjoyed it! I think we are all fascinated with celebrities because they are fresh and seem so exciting and that goes for their clothing and accessories as well. Great advice. Fun!

  8. Oh this happens to us all at one point I imagine!! Always makes you feel like such a great mom as you stand there explaining to the cashier doesn’ t it?!! Oh and I had to comment about your son’s “handsome” shirts . . .my 3 year old calls them that exact thing – all his button up shirts, especially the plaid ones – too cute! 🙂

Has this happened to you? (Please say, YES!) was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland