Happy New Year! #365 Days of Mom Fashion Advice. DAY #1 – Get some JEANS!

Happy Happy Happy New Year!

2009… it’s going to be a GREAT year!

Last night, with my husband and my Henry, I watched “the ball” drop in Times Square (on television!). My 3 older sons were all fast asleep… Benjamin in his crib, Alexander in his bed and William on the couch. William tried as best as he could to make it to midnight… he made it till (no joke) 11:55 PM. I went to the kitchen with Matt to get the champagne… we came back into the living room… and he was asleep. My last New Year’s Eve in NYC was in 2004… little did I know I would find out 2 weeks later I was pregnant with William! So watching New Year’s Eve in NYC with William this year was very, very special.

So… on to 2009.

And my New Year’s Eve Resolution/Pledge…

Bring you some Fashion Advice for MOMS every single day. A tidbit… a full post… a video blog… in some way or shape, something will be posted!

On Day #1 of the New Year, I am going to give you my very FIRST MOM FASHION TIP.

Are you ready!?

It all comes down to JEANS. Every mother needs a pair of jeans. They can be dressed up, dressed down… worn (really, almost) anywhere. They can be paired with a simple T-shirt or a festive top. They wash well. They don’t require ironing (please don’t iron creases in your jeans!). They are forgiving.

BUT! Make sure you aren’t sporting the quintessential MOM JEANS.

Please. Please. Please. How do you know if you’re sporting MOM JEANS? It’s very easy… does the button/snap hit above your belly button? If it does, you’re MOM-JEANSING. Or worse… if your jeans are doubling as a support system for your (ahem…) boobs! I have only seen this once. And that was enough

So ladies… my first piece of advice. Get a pair of jeans that fit well. Don’t get jeans that are too long or too short. Find a pair that complement your body and have them hemmed if necessary. Jeans are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. My favorite are my dark wash jeans. Ask anyone who knows me… I’m usually sporting a pair of these every single day.

So jeans. They are a beautiful thing.

Grab yourself a pair. And wear the jeans out of them!


Rachel asked “What brands would I suggest?”

I would suggest to go to places like the GAP and Old Navy – and just start trying on tons of different styles. The beauty about these 2 brands is that they literally have tons of jeans with tons of different styles. This way you can really get an idea of what looks good on you and what fits you the best. This is important. What looks good. What fits good.

I love love love the look of skinny jeans… but being 5 feet, I cannot pull off skinny jeans. I have always needed to wear bootcut jeans. It makes me appear taller (OK, a little bit taller!) – but my legs fit the best in bootcut, especially when I’m wearing heels with them.

When you want to branch out into designer jeans – 7 For All Mankind, True Religion, Paige Denim these are some of my favorite designer brands. And if you don’t want to drop full retail price on a pair of these – they are always on eBay. Which I love as a great option to search for designer anything and everything. As well as places like TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Hope this helps!

** Carrie asked – If I would be doing any maternity clothing advice.

Oh, yes… after being pregnant for the last 4 years… I have come to know the ins and the outs of the maternity fashion world.  I will say – I took a cure from Donna Karan on the maternity clothes – I did lots of layered and wrap looks.  More later on that… but YES!! I will be!  Thanks for asking.

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  1. I love your tip for today, because I love my jeans. Sadly at this point I only have one pair that fits, and they’re more along the dress-down side. Until my stitches are gone wearing pants with zippers are out. I sure miss being able to throw on my jeans, and I’m getting really sick of wearing my stretchy workout clothes for real clothes.

  2. Unfortunately I am sporting one pair of mom jeans…I know.

    I do have a pair of jeans that I Like but they are too low that I feel like they are sliding of my booty. I think finding stylish fat girl jeans presents a challenge but I will shop around at these places and see if I can find one!

  3. I’m totally on your page with the jeans. I love and adore and practically worship JEANS! 🙂 I love Sevens and Paige and Joe’s. They really stretch though, so I’ve learned to buy down a size.

  4. Great tip Audrey! I used to be a “denim specialist” (seriously. Don’t laugh. I actually went through extra training.) at the GAP when I worked there in college and I used to love helping people find jeans to fit them when they swore that there was no such thing as a pair of jeans that looked good on them!

    There are jeans out there for everyone, but you have to figure out what cut/style/wash (color) looks best on your body. Don’t give up!

  5. I love this idea! I just saw the on Twitter. I will be back for some fashion advice. Boy do I need some help. And boy I think it’s time to throw out the mom jeans.

  6. The new Lee jeans are great. They are low rise, boot cut with a comfort waist. I bought four pairs this fall and they are super comfy!

  7. Audrey, Happy New Year!
    Great idea and I look forward to seeing what you have to say. My 2 cents worth is this – being 4’11” is challenge enough – but if you buy jeans that have Lycra/ spandex in them, I recommend to go down a size as they will stretch later on and maintain that and then they feel too big on you! This is speaking from experience!
    Happy jean shopping everyone!

  8. My most favourite jeans ever are those I’ve bought at Gap, and most recently at Old Navy.

    I got a pair of long (I’m 5ft 9in) ‘flirt’ fit jeans which are not real low cut so perfect for me – in Old Navy the day after thanksgiving for 12 bucks! A great fit and a deal to boot!

    I have one pair of designer jeans – and they do not flatter me as well as the Old Navy ones.

    I’m looking forward to this series of tips, and am secretly pleased that on day one I’m not too wide of the mark so far!

  9. This was hilarious! I did your mom personal shopping survey too that you had put up on Twitter a week ago. It really opened my eyes. I have been putting my fashion self second for too long. I just went to GAP and Old Navy to see the jeans online. They have some great styles! Thanks for this. New Year’s Resolution #1 – buy jeans. And can the high waist ones.

  10. Thank you for doing this. It’s about time us moms take care of ourselves on the fashion front. A tip a day. I’ll be tuning in and telling my mom friends. Maybe I can get them to do some clothing swamps? I’m 5’11, so length in jeans is always an issue. Never mind when I was pregnant. Will you be doing maternity advice, too? I’m 3 months along.

  11. well it would help if some places would stop changing the cuts and styles and names of the freakin things, yeah? lol!

    Also, I think they should be required to provide babysitting services while you are trying on jeans.

    Jeans should be available with a 30 day test drive option…there’s no way to tell if the same pair that looks great today will actually fit later in the month, if you know what I mean, hahahah!

    My tip-check Nordstom’s Rack, Off 5th and other name brand department store outlets. My current fav jeans are Lucky Brand. Normally around $70, I snagged this pair at Nordstrom’s Rack for only $24.99! Sweet!

    Oh and that was on a day when my kids were at school and day care, of course! lol!

  12. I’m totally a jeans girl! Gap has some great affordable styles. Right now I am liking the Long and Lean style best, but they also have nice trouser-style jeans for a dressier look. Looking forward to the rest of your fashion tips!

  13. Hi Audrey,

    Tell your readers to go to http://www.zafu.com/

    They can take a short survey and have a listing of jeans most suited to their inputs displayed in minutes

    Great site BTW, found you via twitter

    Twitter me @steet

Happy New Year! #365 Days of Mom Fashion Advice. DAY #1 – Get some JEANS! was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland