“Grandma, can you get me that?”

I’ve been at Audrey’s home for 10 minutes this morning. Her husband is out of town for the day, and I’m lending a couple of willing and happy helping hands. But I don’t think it’s the hands that the kids want… hmmmm.

The first thing 4-year old William said to me was, “GRANDMA, COME HERE!” This means that something beyond cool is on television. And it was. A contest that he needs me to help him win involving Mrs. Butterworth and Nickelodeon.

Of course, this perked up 3-year old Alexander’s ears… and he joined in about a mac and cheese contest that (and I quote), “You have to find the coat on the box and go to cheesy.com!” I’m guessing he means code and I’ll be sure to check out the {dot} com and/or anything resembling it!

All the while, 22-month old Benjamin’s wide eyes were taking this all in… watching the excitement in the voices of his older and much admired brothers!

I picked up 7-month old Henry and almost expected him to tell me about the Snuggie… and why one will keep him warm and “stay on your arms.” Oh, he didn’t have to tell me. William did!

Ah… marketing. For kids and (perhaps unwittingly!?) to us grandparents!

It doesn’t matter.  I love it!

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  1. I always feel horrible when my kids bombard grandparents with the things they “love so so so much” and they really “need”.

  2. LOL, we were just talking about this at breakfast because last yesterday there was a commercial for a local company that replaces the windows in your home that came on. Their tag line is “No more scraping or painting those old wood windows…” and my son turns to me and says, “MOM! We should get those so you won’t have to scrape and paint any more!” We were joking that all marketing is geared towards the innocent minds 🙂

  3. I love that they came to you with their requests. They are pretty smart little guys because they know grandma will come through for them. But I agree marketing starts is geared toward earlier and earlier ages doesn’t it.

  4. Lucky you getting to go spend time with your grandkids on a weekday. How fun to help them out with the contests. I would love to be available more often during the week. But, I am looking forward to next Friday when I have a vacation day to help out Steph while she goes out of town.

  5. We were talking about the Snuggie earlier today. 🙂 Commercials certainly do lead to conversation! And that Mrs. Butterworth contest sounds intriguing…

  6. Some companies do a great job of saturating tv with their ads. Recently in my PreK class we were reading blends. One little boy sounded out the blend “su.” I asked if anyone could think of a word that began with the blend su. Another boy said, “Su- like in Subway!” Before I could tell him well done, a little girl piped up, “Eat fresh!” I had a good laugh that day.

“Grandma, can you get me that?” was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Sharon Couto