A size 6 boy in a size 3 diaper

Ah… grandmas! We just love to have all the necessities at our own homes for when the grandchildren come to visit.

So… I headed to CVS today to buy diapers for my grandson, Benjamin. He’s my 22-month old bundle of joy who sometimes has bundles of other things to take care of. Hence, the diapers. I was in one of those hurry modes… you know, like the mailman will not deliver the mail if I don’t shovel my front walkway and stairs. Oh, wait a minute. He won’t!

Anyway, I was not paying much attention in my rush and picked up a package of size 3 diapers. Benjamin is in size 6… with not much room to spare. So you can imagine my surprise when I changed Benjamin’s diaper. He looked like a Sumo wrestler. Benjamin immediately knew something was wrong, but I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even address his concern. He said one word… “Stuck,” as he pulled the tab off each side. “Stuck” doesn’t even begin to describe the fit. It was more like “stuffed.” Like a Thanksgiving turkey. You get the picture.

I said to him, “Oh, Benjamin… Grandma is sooooo sorry.”

He said, “That OK,” as he stripped himself free, laughing along with me.

Is this why women my age don’t have toddlers?! I mean, the next thing you know I’ll be using Desitin as toothpaste!

(By the way… those size 3’s are even too small for 7-month old Henry! I’ll be donating those itsy-bitsys!)

A size 6 boy in a size 3 diaper was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Oh Sharon, I am laughing so hard and believe you me, I need this laugh this morning…..as I wait to get ready to leave for my dreaded test. I think every grandma has done what you have done. I don’t usually buy that many diapers cause they usually bring a stack when I babysit. I do like to have extra things though, like you if in case you need it. Would you believe my friends husband made a mistake one time and DID use the desitin instead of toothpaste by mistake, of course. You know, we will always have blog material as long as we have our grandchildren to keep us laughing.

  2. That is such a funny story! I can just imagine. And how adorable that he laughed right along with you. Thanks for the laugh – I needed one today. 🙂

A size 6 boy in a size 3 diaper was last modified: February 9th, 2010 by Sharon Couto