Test driving the Chevy Traverse.

I test drove Chevy’s Traverse earlier this month. As soon as the Traverse pulled up in front of my house… I knew I liked it. The look of it had me at “Hello… !”

But… would it be a good vehicle for my family?

You tell me.

Thanks, Chevy! I had a blast driving the Traverse!

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  1. Audrey… I must say, this little video is exactly your life! I must also add that I FIT COMFORTABLY IN THE BACK SEAT WITH THE BOYS, TOO! On that hour and a half drive we took from North Conway to Santa’s Village, over hills and mountains and snow… it felt luxurious back there between William and Alex, and I could still talk to you and Matt way up in front AND sing to Benjamin and Henry in the 2nd row of seats! Now I’m not saying that you should purchase a car to fit MY needs… (let’s ask Matt if he wants to take his mother-in-law everywhere you guys go!) , but I LOVE the Traverse.

    (I am also going to add that I changed the diapers of 2 boys simultaneously in that back storage area in total comfort and record time… how’s THAT for family friendly!?)

    … and it is a totally “cool” vehicle!

    Love, Mom!

  2. Rear-view cameras are definitely the shiz. I have one on my Prius and can parallel park using just the camera view. Love that you can see exactly where your rear bumper is in relation to a car or other object behind you, not to mention kids, dogs and shopping carts. 🙂

  3. I love how they let you do this. I am so sick and tired of watching commercials with actors. Finally you can see what it is like for real people. Great job.

  4. Did I hear you say more kids! YES!!!
    Let’s see…
    one more will give you a basketball team
    two more a hockey team
    five and it’s baseball
    seven and we’re talking football
    But, if you and Matt and the Lord above decide to keep it at four…that’s cool.
    then you’ve got:
    four scratch golfers or four tennis players or swimmers or tri-athletes or four whatever …
    its all good!

  5. Just had to say that I had my husband promise before we were even married that I would not have to drive a mini-van. Nothing says soccer mom like a mini-van!
    Glad I’m not the only one.

Test driving the Chevy Traverse. was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland