Pogo-Sticking Grandma

As you all know, there is no such thing as a coincidence, and all things are serendipitously connected.

This goes for Pogo-Sticking, too.

Here’s the story.  A couple of weeks ago, my very wonderful friend, Erin at School Teacher by Day, Superhero by Night, asked her readers what hidden talents they have.  I didn’t have to think long… and I answered that I Pogo-Stick pretty well.  I remember getting a Pogo-Stick for Christmas when I was very young, and I practiced until I could balance and jump many consecutive times (this may have something to do with growing up in-between 2 brothers and developing a competitive side).  Anyway, I did learn and I loved it.  Of course there were times when I forgot all about Pogo-Sticking, but every once-in-awhile my hidden talent would reveal itself…. like when I had my own children and Santa brought them a Pogo-Stick. OK, I guess there aren’t too many times in life when a Pogo-Sticking talent comes in handy.

But this brings me back to Erin and her question and my answer and nothing in life being a coincidence. On Christmas Eve, just last week, my husband gave me a Pogo-Stick for Christmas.  I had no idea what the rather large rectangular box held… and you can imagine my surprise when I opened it.  And the surprise on the faces of my grandchildren, who wanted me to immediately head outside and Pogo-Stick in my driveway. Well, Christmas Eve in Rhode Island was rainy and icy and messy and dark… but I promised them that I would actually Pogo-Stick for them.

So… Taylor, Maddie, Andrew, Jake, William, Alex, Benjamin, Henry, Dylan AND Erin (and anyone else who wants a laugh!), this is for you:

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  1. Awesome! It must be great exercise!

    I saw the pogo stick in one of Jane’s pictures and thought it was for one of the kids! I guess I was wrong!

  2. That’s incredible! What a great gift. I can see that it is already bringing everyone lots of enjoyment. And you are, clearly, very talented. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, Sharon! You rock that thing! My son got a Pogo stick from Santa this year…it’s the only thing he asked for and he’s trying so hard to get the hang of it!!

    Also? I just love how cute you and Barry are! I want a New England accent listening to you two!

  4. Love it! Remember that 4th of July when we had that epic pogo-sticking contest? I’ll never forget watching Matt maneuver on that thing. Pretty impressive for a guy clearly over that 160 lb. mark! We’ll have to have another contest with your spiffy new pogo stick. 🙂

  5. This made my day! I’ve been waiting for this video, especially since I just got a video on a pogo stick SHOUT OUT. You really are a good pogo sticker–I’m seriously impressed. Two bounces, and I would’ve been crying on the pavement.

  6. Sharon,
    I always knew you were funny, but this really topped it! I loved the video- you wild and crazy woman!

Pogo-Sticking Grandma was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Sharon Couto