Perfectly “Unscripted”

Ah… having the opportunity to speak on the phone with none other than McDreamy himself, actor Patrick Dempsey.

No, I didn’t. But I am so very happy that my blogging friend, Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing, did. They talked about the new fragrance that Patrick developed with Avon… it’s called Unscripted, and for a very good reason. Patrick wanted a connection with a fragrance that defines living life on your own terms, developing your own passions, writing your life’s script and creating your memories. Unscripted. Doing what you love and loving what you do.

And although I did not speak with Patrick myself, Stephanie was so kind as to use a question that I suggested… this is it: Possibly your most important “role” has been helping your own Mom through cancer. Your fragrance Unscripted is about creating memories. Can you give us one wonderful memory that your Mom created for you as a child. A memory that you’ll never forget? And Patrick answered that he remembers wonderful memories of cross country skiing with his Mom in his home state of Maine… through the woods, into town, and back home again.

This got me thinking of all the perfectly Unscripted moments that I spent with my own children while skiing in Maine. We used to pile the kids in our car on a Friday afternoon and make the 6-hour drive from Rhode Island to Rangeley, Maine, passing right through Patrick’s hometown of Lewiston, Maine. We would hit the slopes before anyone else the first thing in the morning. There is nothing quite like sitting with your child… and then teenager… on a chair lift, the wind whipping through your clothing and on what part of your face it could capture. Silence is just not an option. We talked about everything. We talked “girl” things with the boys and “boy” things with the girls. We talked about school and friends and books and philosophies. We laughed. We shared. And let’s talk T-bars… where both riders to the top of the mountain rely upon each other to reach the summit. More laughter. More sharing. Togetherness. At its finest. When people ask me how it is that I’m so close to my children, I always answer, “skiing.” It is the reliance and trust and happiness that comes from those perfectly Unscripted moments. Moments where a passion is shared. Where choices are made. This trail. Or that one. You go first… I’ll follow. And soon it’s your child who is forging the path. And you follow. You watch. You swell with pride and joy at choices and skill and determination and courage and passion and trust in self.

Ah… I do truly enjoy Patrick Dempsey as an actor. Now I see him as more.

Unscripted. I wonder if Patrick ever imagined his reach could be so significant.

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  1. Sharon your words and perspective continue to amaze and inspire me. Thank you so much for your wonderful question.


  2. When I saw that Steph used your question, I was all excited for you! I said to my husband, “You know my friend Sharon is practically friends with Patrick Dempsey now!” 🙂 I love your perspective, Sharon. I yearn to see life through your eyes.

  3. I was so excited Steph picked your question. I sorta voted on your question…How exciting to have this connection now with him. Congrats for having the winning question…

  4. I love that Steph used your question!If we did the six degrees of Patrick Dempsey, I think that Steph using your question makes you a second degree.;)

    Also, with regard to your hidden talent, I want to see a vlog of you pogo-ing!

  5. That’s beautiful, Sharon. I never knew there was such magic in skiing. What a wonderful way to share thoughts and dreams and secrets – and amazing moments – with your family.

  6. I love reading your posts, because they remind me so much of my family, and my mom. We are all really close, we vacation together, and we talk about everything. Our annual summer vacations in San Diego, while my parents rent a beach house where we all sleep and play cards and talk till 2am, are nothing short of legendary.

    Thanks for taking me back, and sharing your own light. 🙂

  7. You should get the mom-of-the-year award! I love reading your blogs. I’m taking some time to catch up on them (even though I really don’t have any spare time right now.)

  8. I heard about that interview! Lucky girls! Glad your question was used (loved his answer). And I love the memories you shared, too. Amazing how much a little ski lift can provide in the way of bonding!

Perfectly “Unscripted” was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Sharon Couto